Monday, June 12, 2006

The TBC Blues

My TBC died today.

Well... more that it's more dead than it was before. A TBC, or Time Base Corrector, is a big scary piece of video hardware that tries to correct playback errors on tapes. In plain English, if you have a tape that has dropouts, jerkiness, wobblies and any other nasty tape-related problems that show up from actually playing the tape, a TBC fixes them right up.

Trouble is, I bought a decade-old (or better!) TBCX off of eBay about a year ago, and didn't have a VCR worth hooking it up to 'till a few months ago. It always had problems that TBC's just have: it washes out the colors slightly, makes it a bit softer, and in some cases makes the tape's playback worse. What my TBC is doing now is adding red and flashing lines that travel up and down the screen, generally making the whole thing look like several pounds of ass. TBC's are supposed to CORRECT errors, not make new ones. So, the fucker's officially worthless.

My VCR has a built in TBC, but it's a line TBC, not a full frame TBC: in other words, it corrects some video issues, but not all of them. I also have a Sima Color Corrector which kills copy protection and corrects some minor issues... but it's not a fill frame TBC either. It's also a total bitch to match the colors on proper sources. Like, if the black levels or whatever are fucked it'll get them back to normal, but if the tape looks good and you just want to kill copy protection... good luck.

Well, glad I didn't buy it for $500 new or anything. Trouble is now I need to bite the bullet and buy a Datavideo TBC (for like $300) for those tapes that are just plain, well, evil. I'm talking so evil that their catalog numbers are 666-69 and the film is called Asshole of Satan. These are tapes that were recorded on EP masters and watched a hundred times and left to melt in the hot sun and then chucked in a chest and buried for 20 years. That's the kind of tape you need a TBC for.

Unfortunately, I was kinda' hoping to use it for he UCHIYAMA AKI hentai tape I'm about ready to sell so I had a stable DVD of it before I hocked it, which based on it's playback has been drenched in the semen of a thousand Japanese pedophiles. So much for that plan. Man I hope these were released on Laserdisc 22 years ago... the bootleg download versions imply there's SOME kind of perfect source kicking around. Just wish I knew if it was the BETA or the LD or what. It sure as hell wasn't the VHS.

Anyway, enough bitching. I need to put my Sima SCC away and then get the massive pile of remaining hentai tapes ready for eBay. It's the last of my beloved 25 Pounds o' Porn... I miss it soo much.

Time to record the last hentai tape. Will I post more? Probably not. But who knows.

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