Tuesday, October 24, 2006


eBay has reported to me that everything I've ever listed has been an unauthorized copy.

Well, duh.

Unfortunately, this means any of the several DVD's I have finished I can't sell anymore. And anything else I list I'm likely to be reported for as well.

In short, Kentai Films has just been destroyed.

As all of you know I've done this for a hobby as much as a business, so the projects I have lined up will still get finished eventually. But I don't know if I can make any money on them anymore. Even if I built a website, I doubt I'd get hundreds of hits a month - which is exactly what eBay afforded me. And with the changes in income and the like that have been happening independantly of all this, I was really, really counting on Kentai Films to not only feed my movie hunger, but my stomach as well. While I'm not in any danger of starvation (yet)... I'm definately going to reach a new level of dirty poor, and very, very quickly.

So...what do you do after the apocalypse? Guess I'll have to strap on some shoulderpads, gel up my new mohawk, hop on my dune buggey and find out.

I should be laughing. Or at least smiling. But I'm not.

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