Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad Firefox!

Funniest thing: I opened my blog and threw up in my mouth.

Yeah, there's supposed to be a blue bar down the right side and the text is supposed to be in a fairly tight little blue column on the left. On Firefox, the whole thing looks a bit like deep fried asshole. I checked my settings, and sure enough everything is just fine... so I opened 'er up in IE, and sure enough everything is where it's supposed to be and sitting pretty.

So, if you don't want my blog to look like a fart in a plastic bag I'd recommend using Micro$oft's rather evil and spyware-loving whore browser IE. I lack spyware, so you're safe to come and then can run back to the iron clad chastity belt security of Firefox when you're done.

Anyway, enjoy the AMV which I hope makes up for this mostly worthless Public Service Announcement.

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