Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Fix For Messed Up Flix

I can't believe I never figured this out before.

When your JVC deck starts doing the jitter bug, do the following:

1) Eject tape.

2) Turn TBC/DNR off.

3) Push tape back in.


One of my mecha loving friends really has to tell me which Mobile Suit Gundam movie this is from, because this looks so horrendously, retardedly awesome that it could make up for the mind-numbingly bipolar emotional train wreck that was Char's Counterattack.

It's fucking magical. Turning the TBC off after it's already done the calibration won't help matters any for some unknown reason, but if you're one step ahead of it your recordings will look sweet as all hell. Yeah, you lack the awesome power of a TBC keeping your geometry steady and the NR will have to be done later on in software instead of in the sweet embrace of a Lite-On DVD recorder, but both of these are sacrifices I'm just going to have to live with.

However, nothing I did could save the opening of Genma Taisen from vomiting all over itself. Apparently despite the TBC handling both tape errors and funky signal issues in the same way, the cause itself isn't always the same thing. In other words, trial and error. But I can live with that. So long as okay-ish tapes can play on my JVC deck without looking like they're caught in an earthquake I have zero complaints.

...apart from the fact that half the videos I've recorded in the last week need to be re-recorded now. Oh well, at least this is one of those "yay, things work now!" d'oh!'s instead of one of those "oh crap, I spent $80 on a piece of hardware that only makes things worse!" d'oh!'s.

In an ironic stroke of bad luck whilst playing with the VCR to make the jitterring stop, I managed to perform some fatal button combo on the VCR remote, and the second episode of Genma Taisen's title card was thusly chewed up and fux0red beyond repair. Thankfully I could just splice out the card from the 1st or 3rd OP if I really ever felt the need to, I just wish I knew what the hell happened. Why do you have a reverse slow-mo on a machine if it kills the tape inside of it? This makes no sense!

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