Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Inconvienant Price Gap

So, irony abound in the fact that I'm finally experimenting (successfully, I might add) with Dual Layer DVD media, but probably can't afford to actually use any of them in regular DVD production until cheaper Blu-Ray burners drop the price on DVD-R to cost, just like DVD burners did to CD-R.

Super Media Store, my general go-to guys for cheap DVD-Rs delivered in a week with no shipping charge, offer the following prices for printable DVD media:

8x Inkjet Taiyo Yuden DVD-R: $43.99 per 100 Pack (44 cents per disc)

16x Inkjet Water Proof Taiyo Yuden DVD-R
: $66.99 per 100 Pack + Spindle (67 cents per disc)

2.4x Verbatim Inkjet DVD+R DL: $62.99 per 20 Pack + Spindle ($2.10 per disc)

Let it be known that eons ago I used to spray my DVD-R babies with clear acrylic paint so that they wouldn't smudge, but became frustrated that it wasn't perfectly clear and would sometimes create bubbles and the like. Paying an extra 50% for a smear-free coating (and a handy spindle) is likely something that I'll invest in just so I don't have to worry about an errant bead of sweat ruining a blank, but nearly 5 times the price for less than twice the disc capacity?! This wouldn't be so bad if the discs didn't have "Verbatim DVD+R DL - 2.4x" printed on the inner hub, which sorta' destroys that level of professionalism I've always tried to run with.

And no, Light Scribe isn't an option, nice and easy as that would have been. They simply don't make dual-layer Light Scribe discs, because guys like me are Hollywood's worst enemy.

It's entirely possible that 90% of the people who are buying bootlegs don't give a crap about a dual layer disc or the same disc with a lower video bitrate and no PCM/DTS track, but there reaches a point where it just becomes redundant. The anamorphic X DVD is a great example: what good is that gorgeous Japanese 16:9 transfer is I just have to re-encode it and riddle it with compression artifacts? Other projects, like the Bloodlust Ultimate Edition, which would include 2 DVD-9s for English and Japanese DTS tracks, are literally impossible on DVD-5 discs unless I wanted to split a 90 minute film across 2 DVDs. I know I'm cheap and all, but if I ever even consider doing something like that, please whack me in the back of the head or something.

I guess wither or not I make the leap will be dependent upon wither or not anyone gives a crap. There's also all of those arguments that dual layer DVD+R is less compatible than single layer media, but having tested some burns myself I'm willing to bet the real issue is DVD+R DL "Burned with Nero" is the real culprit. ImgBurn is about as awesome a tool as there's ever been, and I defy anyone to find one that's better (let alone free) at doing those things that it does.

Since this wasn't overly interesting, here's a look at the uber-rare early 80s Go Nagai ecchi OAV CHOUTAIRIKI SHOUJO BARABANBA (Ultra Womb Power Girl Barabanba).

Never seen it? Haha... never will.

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