Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jacking off on Violence - Part 1... or, is that 3?

In other words, VIOLENCE JACK 1986 (aka Violence Jack 3: Slumking, Violence Jack Harem Bomber Hen, Harlem Bomber, Fist of the North Star: The Worst Lost Episode Ever... what-ever the fuck it is) is finished, and will soon be available via the usual sources. I'm considering dumping these on Usenet in the near future, but I dunno'... doing that doesn't help my share ratio, but may help friends who don't want to spend months seeding on private torrent trackers. What'cha all think?

The disc was created by ripping the subtitles from the Italian Shin Vision DVD, copy and pasting the subtitle dialog from the Critical Mass tapes in, and finally patching the R2 using programs DVD Subtitle Creator (and its' affiliated slave programs), DVDSubEdit, and PGCEdit. Running a mere 37 minutes the disc is small - like, 2.5 gigs - and as with other @ Entertainment DVDs, the only extra included is a still gallery that appears to be primarily made up of screencaps. Yuck. The Italian subtitles appear to actually be Italiano based dubtitles, but they were like 95% accurate and only presented problems during stuff like crowd scenes and narration, which made my part in all of this pretty easy. The timing is just ever so slightly off in places, but it's not half as bad as the X movie R1, and as that wasn't a dubtitle I don't know what the hell Manga's excuse is.

For the record, I did try to salvage X's script, but there was only so much that could be done with that wretched piece of crap.

I didn't include the English dub, as I don't have the uncensored English dub to begin with and don't particularly feel like splicing in Japanese dialog during the delicious raep scenes. I never thought I'd actually want those uncut Critical Mass tapes, but hindsight is always 20/20 and blah-blah. I may re-time the subtitles if I ever do a crazy bi-lingual special edition, but the chances of that happening right now are slim. I have the material, I just don't see the need for Harlem Bomber. I mean, Evil Town is awesome grotesque nihilism at its' finest, and Hells Wind may be the best of the 3 OVAs overall, but does anyone, anyone at all, honestly care about the original 1986 experiment? It's barely even recognizable as a Go Nagai story: Jack is totally out of character and indifferent towards everything in his path, we focus on some retarded Romeo and Juliet knock-off for half an hour without much of a payoff, and the nicest thing I can muster about it is that it has completely gratuitous lesbian rape. It's pretty... underwhelming. It isn't gouge our your eyes with a blunt pen soul-rapingly awful like, I dunno', RIKI-OH 2 or STAR OF DAVID or even GEDOU GAKUEN 5 bad, but it isn't the sort of thing I make it a point to re-watch either.

Don't let my personal grudge against a cheap 20 year old train-wreck that wasn't really based on the manga it took its' name from get in the way of everyone enjoying it, though. Expect it to be on ADC in the next few days, and if you know me, you know what to do to get it.


Cereal the Holy Prophet said...

I AM INTERESTED. Though I'm not entirely sure how this whole deal works, so I'd appreciate it if you could give me the down-low before I just jump into anything.


Area88 said...

What is ADC? Do you plan to release it by torrent?