Sunday, May 25, 2008

Legend of Lemammaries: The Best Release Ever

That's right kiddies, God of Shiny Nipples, Satoshi URUSHIHARA's loving re-imagining of the "Tarna" sketch from Heavy Metal - LEGEND OF LEMNEAR: THE GREAT BLACK WINGS OF VALKYSAS - has been fansubbed by yours truly and chucked up on ye olde usual sources for your amusement.

Why would I bother fansubbing the R2 when there's already an uncensored (albeit out of print) R1 on the market? Here's the first reason:


The R1 on the left, R2 on the right. Ewww. Ironically the R1 is progressive, the R2 isn't (I'm using Telecide via FFDShow up there), so had the Japanese version come up looking worse it'd at least have an excuse. Sadly, this was a CPM catalog release, and as a cost cutting measure they basically took the old dub tape masters, synched the Japanese audio and subtitles to them, and dumped them out on DVD via whatever incompetent authoring house was cheapest to deal with. I can't say that I blame them, exactly, but it's always made CPM discs look... let's say 'less good' than they perhaps could have.

The second is that the R2 DVD includes a short "Pilot Film", that's basically the whole OAV with crappier animation in under 3 minutes. It was probably used by the producer to drum up funding for the actual production, which based on the complex and gorgeous animation quality, probably cost a small fortune.

Anyway, enjoy it.


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