Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Shit: Murakami's NIGHT SHIFT NURSES HEROINE SERIES, Uncensored in Germany


That's right, all 3 episodes of MURAKAMI Teruakii's sadistic, vouyeristic, and... just plain sick YAKIN BYOUTOU HEROINE SERIES have been released uncensored thanks to the German label Trimax under the title KRANKENHAUS NACHTSCHICHT - which is "Hospital Night Shift" in German, which means that they translated the title properly while Anime 18 didn't. Weird.

Best known in America as Night Shift Nurses, Yakin Byoutou has become one of my favorite EroAnime series' ever. I've blogged about its' inevitable demise to self-parody and crappy spinoffs, but the Murakami show is... different. How so?

Now aren't you sorry you asked?

I'm actually less an admirer of Murakami than I'd like to be, because despite having mastered the hand-held "Max Hardcore" style of gonzo pornography in 2D animated form, he's also become so accustomed to pleasing his own fetishes that the shows literally becomes nauseating to watch, and hard to figure out what the fuck's going on at any given point. You can also only see a girl with stray pubes stuck in her teeth a dozen times before it goes from creepy to retarded. In short, the man needs to mix it up a little, since being at the top of his game is getting him off, but not me.

The German DVDs are 15 Euros a pop, and with no R1 release in sight it's a tempting price compared to the R2 singles, and equal to the 90 minute "Angelic Rape Complete" collection. Unfortunately, Trimax is all sorts of shit: all of their titles are manufactured on DVD-R (proving you can't get a thousand Germans to pay for scat anime), there's the expected NTSC-PAL ghosting, and perhaps most frustratingly there are no subtitles, German or otherwise, which I could babelfish into English with narry an ounce of effort. Trimax are a lazy bunch of weiner eating bastards, and thus despite having a professional German translation they figure nobody will care enough to watch it in Japanese with German subtitles. They're probably right, too, but it's frustrating none the less.

We also have to deal with their fugly name all over the cover, like so:

Somehow, slapping all those 'DVD Video' and 'Trimax' logos on the gorgeous Japanese cover is uglier than any of the waggling shit-covered tongues in the OAV itself.

So, 45 Euros, or a little over $70, for uncensored/PAL un-subbed Murakami wank fodder that's too repetitive and seizure-inducing for me to actually even get off on... I hate to say it, but it's still the most attractive German hentai release I've ever set my eyes on.


BluMeino said...

I wish Kitty Media would finally get around to licensing it in the US. Can't see any reason as to why the other ones were deemed fit for licensing and this was left behind. And it's not like it would have been the most disgusting thing they've ever picked up either, they did grab Bondage Game after all. said...

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