Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anchor Bay Saves Me Money

I know I said that I wasn't going to bring up Blu-ray on the Kentai blog again, but damnit, this is too good not to have fun with.

I have a confession: I love EVIL DEAD II: DEAD BY DAWN. I love it the way that Catholics love the Pope. I love it in the way that gay men in leather pants and handlebar moustaches love getting their butts pounded. I love it the way emo girls love cutting their wrists and then writing awful angst filled poetry with the two drops of blood that come out from the feeble scizor-cut. I love it the way that Bill Clinton loves fat chicks. I love it the way that pedophiles love the power Pokemon cards have over supple children. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The Evil Dead is a lovable experiment thrown together by a pack of genuine independents trying to make crap like the world had never seen before. It's not a bad movie, exactly, but just like Last House on the Left and I Spit On Your Grave and Friday the 13th and a dozen other celebrated grindhouse/drive-in classics, they're infamous not because they were particularly good, but because they had balls and weren't afraid to "go there". Once you've castrated somebody or yanked out their intestines, the fact that the whole film is badly dubbed, lacks any narrative common sense and was directed by a guy who's never looked through a camera before became quite meaningless, particularly in the days before you could marathon films via VCR to really appreciate how much better one was over the other. In short, The Evil Dead may be a classic, and it's certainly a revolutionary piece of cult cinema history, but I have trouble calling it a masterpiece with a straight face. Also, pre-anime tentacle rape. It gets bonus points for that.

Army of Darkness is, similarly, pretty good but not my favorite. Actually I'd argue that it's the best of the trilogy in terms of being a competent piece of Hollywood cinema, and it's easily the film that made Bruce Campbell's career what it is, ensuring that his chiseled mug will appear in direct to TV crapfests from now until doomsday. There's just one thing it isn't: a horror movue. There's skeletons and monsters in pits, but the whole show was basically the dry run for Sam Raimi's Hercules and Xena TV shows, and I don't think anyone would call those horror either (or if they do, they need to be slapped). Personally, I like horror films. I'd probably like fantasy films just as much, but there's two problems: there aren't a lot of them, and the majority of them out there... kinda' suck. I know, I know, we've made great strides with stuff like Lord of the Rings and Pan's Labrynth in the last decade, but if you can look me in the eye and tell me Willow, or Dragonheart, or even fucking Pathfinder deserves a spot on my DVD shelf, you're either messing with me or looking for trouble. Army of Darkness was a rarity in that it was a genuinely funny and charming fantasy film, pitting a 20th century goofball with a chainsaw against a skeleton army, and I'll give Sam due credit in saying that the director's cut is a dramatic improvement to the R-rated cut Universal actually aborted out into theaters. So while a fun film, it can't help but stand in the overbearing shadow that is Evil Dead II.

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn is one of the strangest beasts in horror cinema: the splatstick. By the mid 1980s, Hollywood gore movies had finally caught up with their wily Italian and Japanese counterparts, which were typically much cheaper, but also much grosser. You can only decapitate somebody with an axe so many times before the image loses all impact, and film makers turn to violence with shovels, hedge clippers, and toenail clippers - anything to get a reaction. Exactly how and when this deviation came about, I'm not certain, but by 1987 we had Bad Taste, Friday the 13th: Jason Lives!, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Sleepaway Camp, Basket Case, Street Trash, and plenty of other gruesome comedy/horror films that went so over the top with ther expected debauchery that taking any of it seriously was pointless. At the tail end of this miniature revolution, there was Evil Dead II, the splatstick film that would remain pretty much un-topped until Peter Jackson gave us Braindead (aka Dead Alive), a film so solid in its' awesome factor that it can convince non-gorehounds that gore can be a wonderful thing.

Anyway, back to Evil Dead II. The film just reeks of cool, it really does. Bruce Campbell's whining is replaced with goofy one liners, spooky monsters that rot before your very eyes are turned into evil flying muppets, walls spew rainbow colored blood and inatimate objects anthropomorph themselves into laughing jerks... have I mentioned that Bruce Campell's dismembered evil hand is one of the best supporting characters in any horror film? That's right, the fucking hand crawls around, makes little monkey noises and flips you off. That's just the kind of film you're getting into. It's also part remake in the sense that, rather than show the whole movie in 5 minutes using recap footage, Sam Raimi literally re-made the first Evil Dead film inside of 10 minutes. Sure, you miss the best set pieces in the process, but at least Linda's been upgraded to a cuter actress and this time we get to see Sam Raimi play Bruce Campbell like a Tetris piece. In effect, explaining what makes the film great is impossible: either you're down with this gruesome Three Stooges routine or you never will be.

Such a great film deserves a great video release, right? So the "fine" folks at Anchor Bay released a Blu-ray version, complete with 1080p24 High Definition video and uncompressed 5.1 PCM audio. Tits, right?


What you're looking at is a pair of screencaps, the 1999 THX approved DVD release (resized using a simple bicubic algorithm) versus the 1080p Blu-ray. I haven't resized the Blu-ray, but I have cropped them both to save on bandwidth and give you something to focus on. Check out Campbell's gums, lips, stubble... basically everything in this extreme close-up from when he's laughing into the camera (just before the rest of the cast shows up) proves that, even without using any complex sharpening, the DVD from almost a decade ago is actually sharper than the state-of-the-art HD release from 2007. How, I can hear you ask, is that even possible?

Back in 2003, Anchor Bay remastered Evil Dead II using their "Divimax" process, which is basically AB's way of saying "Hey, lookit, we did a new HD transfer all by ourselves! Aren't we awesome?" Both the Book of the Dead 2 DVD, and the Blu-ray were taken from the Divimax remaster. I'll throw up another comparison to prove how awful that idea was:

Behold Bruce Campbell, THE GLOWING PORE-FREE GOD!

Just look at all that fine detail - sweat, stubble, pores, gore, veins in Cambpell's fucking eyes on the THX transfer... and how it all turns into mush, like so many smeared pastels on the Divimax transfer. If Evil Dead II was the only "Remaster" that had this problem, the world would be a much better place, but it seems like every other BD (Blu-ray Disc) to hit the market shows the exact same mushy crap.

You can actually see what the big problem is in the girl hiding behind Bruce: on the THX transfer she's grainy. On the Divimax transfer, she's fuzzy. Anchor Bay's Divimax transfers have pretty much all had Noise Reduction used, which is a fancy digital way to reduce noise by checking the frames before and after the current frame and copy-pasting pixels when the algorithm finds nothing but noise instead of reasonably stable, solid colors. I myself support to the use of NR when dealing with video, because video usually has inherent noise due to low bandwidth... the trouble here is that the THX transfer doesn't have noise. It has natural film grain.

A lot of people - probably the majority of them - don't understand the fairly simple concept that film has grain. You can't "get rid of it" any more than you can get rid of pixels on a digital photo. The photo is made of pixels. You can't get rid of brush strokes on a classical painting. The painting is made of brush strokes. It's a quality of the medium itself, and every film ever shot on film has grain. About all you can do to minimize film grain is to filter it the way we see above, and the side effect is people start to look like shiny wax mannequins. Actors are starting to request that their pock-marked mugs get filtered like this before theatrical prints are even made, which proves that not every transfer was boned at the very last minute. There are some directors that even like this smeared, plasticine gloss which robs them of all the detail they started with by shooting on 35mm film... it's their call, I guess, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's a bad one.

If the point of High Definition over NTSC is to give "more resolution", yet the resulting transfer has been so overly processed that the fine detail has been eaten away to the point where the SD version is actually sharper... did I miss something here? How is the Blu-ray superior, again?

The worst in all this? I only ever bought the Book of the Dead 2 Divimax remaster. So instead of upgrading by buying the Blu-ray ($30 retail/$20 online), I can get the sharper THX DVD for less than $10, which have been sold at Wal*Marts for as low as $7.50. I now regret having NOT picked it up when it was easier to find, but hell, if I don't mind getting a used copy I could even get the numbered tin limited edition with an exclusive 48 page booklet for much less than the price of the Blu-ray.

God bless technology, and the blatant abuse thereof.

P.S. I could throw a fit that the THX DVD has the original 2.0 stereo and the Blu-ray only having the 5.1 upmix, but I'm not even going to bother. This isn't Suspiria, after all...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Toward A Classic...

So that's what Bin Laden looks like in anime!

TOWARD THE TERRA (地球へ.../Terra e...) is now available on ADC, which means somebody will download it and put it up on Usenet in due time, too. I can't say that I mind, only in the sense that it keeps my upload ratio lower than it ought to be. So long as everybody gets a good quality copy, I'm pretty happy.

For those wondering, this patch is of the 1980 theatrical movie rather than the 2007 TV series, which is coming out in a couple weeks in $35 sub-only 8 episode sets courtesy of Bandai Entertainment. Toei released an awesome anamorphic DVD a while back, which means the RightStuf hard-subbed VHS and LD (circa '94-'95) is officially no longer the only way to see this vintage space epic in English.

The subtitled VHS was a combination of open-matte 4:3, so while the 1.33:1 transfer has more information on the top and (particularly) bottom of the frame, that probably isn't how it was ever "intended" to be shown on the big screen. More often than not, theatrical animation from Toei was animated at 1.33:1 and then cropped by the projectionist to whatever ratio they deemed appropriate - vintage Toei LDs are matted to about 1.58:1~1.9:1 (title depending), with newer transfers either cropped to 1.78:1~1.85:1, proving that Toei themselves don't seem to have a fucking clue how these films should be released either. While the tape has more info on the top and bottom, the DVD has more on the right hand side.

You be the judge.

The DVD looks so much better than the tape that I honestly can't bring myself to care about the missing info on the bottom of the screen. There's also the following sequence on the 4:3 tape which makes no sense if the animators weren't planning on cropping everything from the start:

See? Wider is "Dramatic".

Hokuto no Ken's 1986 movie had a similar "matte moment", but that was cropped pretty dramatically so that a special effect looked better. This shot? I have no clue what its' M.O. is. It's not like animation has boom mic's to hide, so your guess is as good as mine.

The character designs are rather effeminate, but this should be no surprise: the manga was written and drawn by Keiko TAKEMIYA, who also created Kaze to Ki no Uta, which y'all should remember as the last yaoi title Kentai Films has been directly involved with. Ths is probably closer to Galaxy Express 999 than it is Ai no Kusabi, but there's still more than one instance of underaged penis to look forward to regardless. Oh Takemiya, you adorable pedophile you...


Friday, June 20, 2008




Open in your favorite FLV player or web browser.

Laugh. If you don't, you're a soulless robot, or even more out of touch with the so-called fan community than I am.


$5 says nothing remotely like this happens in the films contained in this set, but that whoever painted the cover loves him some Bible Black.

Pinky Violent Rejection of Subtitles

Well, this sucks.

A project I won't name just yet was supposed to be finished today, a non-profit fansub of a pinky violence film written by none other than Takashi ISHII, the famed director of GONIN, FREEZE ME, and HANA TO HEBI 2004. He also wrote EVIL DEAD TRAP and EVIL DEAD TRAP 3: BROKEN LOVE KILLER, a film that wasn't actually an Evil Dead trap sequel - but he had nothing to do with the actual EVIL DEAD TRAP 2: HIDEKI THE KILLER.

Damn it, Video Search Miami, stop making shit up behind everybody's back!

I made a brand new VHS to DVD transfer, even going as far as to use is at a guinea pig to try recording +60. min material in XP mode, and then re-encoding the resulting DVD-9 into a DVD-5 using CCE SP 2.67, thus allowing me to use the ideal bitrate and any filtering that might make the disc look pretty. The VHS wasn't all that bad, so I skipped the filtering stage, though in retrospect I really should have tried ticking that 3:2 pulldown setting...

Delicious, 6400kbps...

Good news is the encoding method worked like a charm: that DVD is packed to the gills, and looks far better than any 2 hour mode recording I could have otherwise made on the lazy.

Bad news is the subtitles I was given don't synch up worth a shit: they're okay for about the first ~12 minutes, and all of a sudden lurch several seconds forward at a reel change. They get progressively worse as the film goes on, too, to the point where I at first wondered if I was using the right subtitle file at all. I can only assume that the subtitles were taken from a completely different telecine, and as such my only option is basically to watch the film and shift the subtitles manually every single time they change film reels. The only other possibility is that it was taken from a PC capture-card transfer that dropped a lot of frames and thus went out of synch. That's also possible, but to drop a whole bunch of frames right at a reel change? Seems unlikely. Why the hell are there multiple telecines of this flick, anyway?

It's do-able, but this is a film I'm totally unfamiliar with, and while the pedigree behind it is promising - and what little I've watched does look like fun - you can likely understand my indifference in getting all intimate with a film I hardly know and won't make a dime off of. Boo-hoo and various emo whining - blah, shit happens. That's kinda why I'm here. I am the shit scooper, following elephants and other sundry four legged creatures with a trash bin and a broom. It isn't pretty, but hey, that's showbiz.

I'll fix it up soon enough. I kinda' have to if I want to get to the good stuff, the super sexy DVD-9 patches and stack of VHS/LDs I need to get to recording.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Potential New Toy?

The Atlona SB-3690 may be just the thing I need to end that jittering nonsense y'all saw on HEAVY and other Kentai Films original transfers once and for all. While a digital PAL/NTSC converter by design, it's also supposedly good at stabilizing crappy video signals, which would (theoretically) fix all that sea-sick inducing shimmying and bouncing that my JVC seems to be vomiting out with every other pre-record stuffed down its' gullet. I don't know exactly what I did to piss the deck off, but man, it must be the kinda' thing you get put on the sex offender list for.

In theory, the SB-3690 shown above would create a new, stable signal from any (worn-out VHS) signal that I feed my recording device, and would once and for all kill all that jittery bullshit. Of course, that's what the 60 pound "Pro" TBC I had eons ago was supposed to do, too. Last fucking time I buy pro equipment 'as-is', I swear. On the flip side, I'd also have a PAL-NTSC converter, though I can't for the life of me think of what I'd need one for these days. Anything that's on PAL pre-record is also on PAL DVD, which I can either make a new NTSC transfer from myself using AVISynth/CCE, or I can simply chuck it into any $70 progressive-scan DVD player on the market with a region hack and convert it to NTSC on the fly.

In other news, I got a bunch of crap to subtitle for the ADC crowd today. I don't want to spoil all the fun in one post, but I figure I can give just one of 'em away...

Koji done got raped. (The scary thing is I didn't need to change a thing for this screencap.)

For those who aren't intimately familiar with 70s geek culture, this is a shot from the very first Go Nagai theatrical film that I'm aware of, MAZINGER Z VS DEVILMAN. This 45 minute feature solidified Devilman - that is, Toei's big blue Adam West Devilman, not the gangly rat-like harbinger of suffering that most Americans are more familiar with - as one of the greatest giant robots of the 70s, despite the initial handicap that he isn't a robot. And the movie is AWESOME. Imagine a pair of 8 year olds arguing over who would win in a fight, Devilman or Mazinger Z, only for the two of them to realize that after throwing hands they'd have to team up and kill every opponent they ever knew. This ADD fueled conversation is the entire movie. And it's even in scope. IN SCOPE! I'd like to think I don't hand out "Best [insert here] Ever" stickers needlessly, but this is definitely a contender for "Best Demon Vs Robot Action Ever". It might also be the only entrant, but if so, all the better: that means the award is given without unfair prejudice against another candidate.

To prove how eerie my circle of friends are, this is how the project came up:

Friend A: Buy the HK Chinglish subtitled bootleg for me, so we can turn the zany script into decent English.

Me: Sure thing. Hey, Friend B, you'll never guess what Friend A wants me to grab.

Friend B: Are you serious? I had that flick translated, like, years ago. Here's the script.

Me: Hells yes! My contribution is virtually non-existent, but that's okay.

It's scary when my life becomes some sort of awful fansubber sitcom. Scary, but pretty awesome. I'm also going to include the Chinglish subtitles as an extra, because when you have lines like "Shirt this Satan people" instead of 'Damn you, Devilman!', those are Chinglish subtitles worth holding onto. Maybe turn it into a drinking game and take a shot every time they mis-spell a cuss word or can't understand "Breast Fire" and call it super heat wave. You'll be on the floor before the movie's up, I swear.

Anyway, I've got a lot of shit I need to start posting, so keep your eyes peeled for more info. Also, that project I've been killing myself over for my "legit" employer over the last 2 weeks seems to be finished. There was a cluster fuck or two involved, and while Disc 1 is far from my best work, I'm pretty proud of everything I did on Disc 2, and got paid handsomely for it, so it's all good. You should really check the film out. I can't say what it is, but... c'mon. You guys know, right?

P.S. - I think I jumped the gun on everything being all jitter-tastic. Having recently turned the deck off, the settings weren't what I thought they'd be, and as such the "Calibration" was set to ON by mistake. God, I can be stupid. Oh well - crystal clear copy of BIOTHERAPY, here we come!

P.S. x10 - I actually got a confirmation from the company that makes it that it only changes the refresh rate, and doesn't actually stabilize or otherwise correct the signal (despite the product description claiming otherwise by saying it "improves recordings"). Glad I contacted them before dropping $160 on one.

Time to blow all my money at instead. Whee.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Anniversary Blog?!

Good God, 100 posts in this blog o' mine... where does the time go?

It's time once again for me to reflect and refrain (in vain?) from wallowing in self pity or outright bitterness. It's pushing 2 years since I started maintaining this as an easy way to collect all of my somewhat relevant thoughts to my friends who may be interested - in part to save me some time from eMailing everybody I know the same crap 10 times over - but it's turned into something a little different. Something more complex... self aware. Skynet may not have evolved, but this vaguely DVD and anime/cult movie centric blog has become something that I can no longer control.

To be honest, I'm kinda' liking it.

While the bootleg profiting part of Kentai Films has more or less dried up, this "down time" has left me ample opportunity to effectively slap the KF name on high quality DVD-R fansubs, which doesn't bother me nearly as much as it should. See, I started this whole outfit on the off-chance that slapping together "perfect" versions of movies I loved in the first place would net me just enough profit that I could continue buyng new movies to work on. But a lot of things have changed since I started this project with a German DVD of A-KITE, some cracked DVD Lab Basic software and a dream. For one thing, most of the titles that "needed me" really don't in this stunningly digital age: literally any film title you can throw at me can be downloaded in a high quality DivX or MKV download from some Russian website that if you aren't careful will link you to hardcore gorilla bestiaity porn, and while my DVD-R will look infinitely better than any shitty download, I know that 95% of the world really doesn't care about things like high birates and DVD centric compatability. For most people, a download is "good enough", and if that's so then guys like me focusing on stellar presentations are going to be inevitably kicked to the curb by pay-to-download sites anyway. It's a scary thought, but one that Hollywood - and the rest of the world - is already paying pretty close attention to.

Another thing that's changed is the level of work I do with ********* *****. (I refuse to ever admit what legitimate R1 DVD studio I freelance for, since doing so would be a hell of a conflict of interests. Still, if you know me, you know who they are.) I can't say that I'm doing 3 DVDs a month for 'em - much as I'd like to - but business with them is steady enough that most of the general walking around money I used to earn from boolegs, which inevitably went back to the eBay monster and buying fresh printable DVD-R and empty armary cases, has (more or less) been replaced by my boss sending me a tasty paycheck every once in a while. It isn't much, but I don't really need much. If I had a belly full of ramen, a car with a quarter tank of gas, and at least one shiny new DVD each month, I'm getting by. Ah, the glamorous life of a bootlegger... HA! (I wish I could say owning a "real" studio meant things were better... but there's a reason Kentai Films will never really go legit.)

In a horrifyingly real way, Kentai Films - as a booleg studio - has devolved into a theoretical contraption. A sort of paper tiger that I can use with which to do whatever the hell I want. It's somewhat liberating to not worry about wither or not I'm doing something that could get me into trouble, or that would otherwise tarnish whatever good name I had prior. Not that subtitling pedoriffic noir and gay ass-rape anime left me with a "good name" by any logical stretch of the term, but you guys know what I mean.

I am Kentai, and as such, whatever I want Kentai Films to be, it will be. Which leaves me to that reflection part... what the hell do I want Kentai Films to be in the Summer of 2008?

I really wish I had a simple answer for that. I've never intended to give up bootlegging. Building a competent "sale" website has just never happened for the multitude of real-life getting in the way, but I can't say work hasn't recently been done towards those ends either. Kentai Films is not a fansub group, but I won't give up patching R2s and offering them for free, should it help me get to discs that others have done the same with. (The "Free" versions will be different from the "Sale" versions anyway, for the most part.) Kentai Films isn't a studio that offers help to other R1 licensors either. To be honest, I kinda' got the gig I have now through good luck, blackmail and really hitting it off with my boss, and while I'm always actively trying to weasel my way into the pockets of other studios, they're either too big to notice me or too small to be able to bother with a full-time subtitle guru who happens to make crappy menus and shoddy covers as a 'bonus'. I lack the hardware to do transfers and disc authoring in-house, and I lack the motivation to set up a small business that would allow me to do so (plus, the thought of failing and filing for bankruptcy keeps me at bay). I'm in that painful "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" rut, and likely always will be... even if I am pretty goddamn good at taking an incompetent foreign script and making some English subtitles out of it.

Speaking of which, that last project my boss handed me? Brutal. I was handed a 45 minute making-of with 400+ subtitles, in a language I don't know a word of, and told that - and I quote - "This will be a rush job from Hell". The DVD ships in less than a month, and he thought all the extras would be hard-subbed... but, it didn't happen that way. 4 days after it was handed to me, it was done, timed, spell checked... everything. To my credit I did nothing the first day and the third day was just me watching it multiple times to make sure my coffee infused work the previous 2 days hadn't gone awry at any point. Absolutely mind-numbing, and I couldn't have been happier to sit far, far away from a computer once I was done.

A real shame that telling you guys what the film itself is would be a conflict of interests. It's fucking amazing, and I hope it sells a million copies not because it benefits me or my employer, but because it's a masterpiece and deserves massive world-wide recognition and acclaim (which means nothing without sales). Not that it'll get it, but I can't wait until the reviews start flying out on this one none the less.

While all of the "Patch" projects I had lined up are now finished, my partner in crime has just threatened to send me more DVD-Rs than I can shake my cock at. To him, I say bring it: while working on simple add-the-subtitles projects aren't quite what I even envisioned Kentai Films to be about, it keeps me busy and doesn't require a multi-year investment to craft a perfect version of. Personal matters seem to keep getting better and better, so if things continue on the way that they have been as of late, expect this blog to be overflowing with good news for fans of all sorts of genres.

...huh? You want some relevant content? Oh, fine. Here's a peek at my current photoshop skillz.

Well, my wife says it's bitchin'... what do you think?

Yeah, I know... Genocyber: Ultimate Edition, first. I promise. I'm like that kid who keeps pushing his brussel sprouts around on his plate, not wanting to eat them but knowing that delicious pie awaits when it's all done. I'm slowly re-acquainting myself with DVD Maestro, and the advanced functions - to say nothing of a very stupid mistake I made in menu design - have put the whole thing into a quagmire from which I'll attempt to giggity my way out of in the near future. I either never should have made it bi-lingual or never put the OST on as a DVD extra. The two of them are horrific pain in the asses, both, and putting the both of them in there makes the DVD roughly the equivalent of performing wisdom tooth removal with a soldering iron and a pair of nipple clamps: sounds like complicated fun at first, but after the first hour, you realize it was a really stupid fucking idea.

After Genocyber? We'll see, dear friends.

Enough patting myself on the back. I'm either going to work or get some sleep. I don't know which I'm better suited for at the moment, but I feel that not doing one or the other has just got to be counterproductive.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Doing it Bounty Dog Style make me a sammich!

BOUNTY DOG 1-2. A somewhat obscure 1994 surreal/Sci-Fi OVA series, with spectacular monochrome animation and all sorts of crazy outer space action packed drama. Get it while it's hot.

Manga Entertainment released this somewhat overlooked bit of mecha explosions, naked loli clones, and dream gore on DVD back in 2003. Sadly, it was dubbed in English with no Japanese track, and thus was effectively worthless. The version I'm pimping on ADC is a recording by yours truly made from the raw CAV Laserdiscs, with subtitles by that 'Shinnew' guy who really needs to give himself more credit. I get esoteric eccentricities that run through teh animoo like blue veins through fine cheese, but his general grasp of Japanese is nothing to sneeze at.

The sad truth is despite having spent a weekend trying (in vain) to make the DVD with Subtitle Creator, and then finally getting a clue and making it in DVD Maestro instead, I haven't even had time to watch it yet. Sure, I watched it raw 2 years ago, but not the subtitled DVD yet I've cried tears of blood making. I guess if I spent less time playing Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 I'd be able to watch more stuff, but until I can play as half-nude Loli Chichi and Evil Grampa Piccolo, that controller stays warm.

I won't get a chance for a while, either: My legit boss just dropped a fire bomb in my lap, telling me that our next DVD (due for release on... July 8th!?) needs subtitles for an interview, a deleted scene, and a making-of featurette. Having worked on two prior films for this particular director, I'm really dreading that making-of, particularly if you factor in that the film proper runs over fours hours. Thankfully I don't have to subtitle that, but man, if the feature is that epic, I'm expecting the making-of to be equally massive, complicated and migraine inducing...

If I survive I'll return to tell you guys all about it.