Friday, June 20, 2008

Pinky Violent Rejection of Subtitles

Well, this sucks.

A project I won't name just yet was supposed to be finished today, a non-profit fansub of a pinky violence film written by none other than Takashi ISHII, the famed director of GONIN, FREEZE ME, and HANA TO HEBI 2004. He also wrote EVIL DEAD TRAP and EVIL DEAD TRAP 3: BROKEN LOVE KILLER, a film that wasn't actually an Evil Dead trap sequel - but he had nothing to do with the actual EVIL DEAD TRAP 2: HIDEKI THE KILLER.

Damn it, Video Search Miami, stop making shit up behind everybody's back!

I made a brand new VHS to DVD transfer, even going as far as to use is at a guinea pig to try recording +60. min material in XP mode, and then re-encoding the resulting DVD-9 into a DVD-5 using CCE SP 2.67, thus allowing me to use the ideal bitrate and any filtering that might make the disc look pretty. The VHS wasn't all that bad, so I skipped the filtering stage, though in retrospect I really should have tried ticking that 3:2 pulldown setting...

Delicious, 6400kbps...

Good news is the encoding method worked like a charm: that DVD is packed to the gills, and looks far better than any 2 hour mode recording I could have otherwise made on the lazy.

Bad news is the subtitles I was given don't synch up worth a shit: they're okay for about the first ~12 minutes, and all of a sudden lurch several seconds forward at a reel change. They get progressively worse as the film goes on, too, to the point where I at first wondered if I was using the right subtitle file at all. I can only assume that the subtitles were taken from a completely different telecine, and as such my only option is basically to watch the film and shift the subtitles manually every single time they change film reels. The only other possibility is that it was taken from a PC capture-card transfer that dropped a lot of frames and thus went out of synch. That's also possible, but to drop a whole bunch of frames right at a reel change? Seems unlikely. Why the hell are there multiple telecines of this flick, anyway?

It's do-able, but this is a film I'm totally unfamiliar with, and while the pedigree behind it is promising - and what little I've watched does look like fun - you can likely understand my indifference in getting all intimate with a film I hardly know and won't make a dime off of. Boo-hoo and various emo whining - blah, shit happens. That's kinda why I'm here. I am the shit scooper, following elephants and other sundry four legged creatures with a trash bin and a broom. It isn't pretty, but hey, that's showbiz.

I'll fix it up soon enough. I kinda' have to if I want to get to the good stuff, the super sexy DVD-9 patches and stack of VHS/LDs I need to get to recording.

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