Friday, July 18, 2008

呀? What the fuck is a 呀?!

After failing in a most epic manner to make the subtitle patch on my latest project work in any form or fashion, I'm waiting to see if anybody on the ADC forum has the most remote clue what my problem is - it's not a problem that's new, even, but none of the blokes there have called a disc "unpatchable", so if I'm doing something wrong I'd really like to know exactly what it is.

In the meantime, I figured I'd do something semi-constructive, preferably something that would actually give me a semi while I worked on it.

Without a second thought, I started transcribing the hard-subs from the Erobeat release of HININDEN GAUSU (緋忍伝 呀宇種). Frustratingly, the fansub isn't particularly good, despite being generally above speed-sub quality: technique names (think Naruto but better: "Ninja Breast Milk Technique!") are still in Japanese, the timing is very early and occasionally too wordy (even by my rambling standards!), and if there was ever a mortal sin, it'd be that actual words - like "Nani" - aren't subbed. Sure, you can let 'ossu' and 'che' and maybe even 'saa' slide, but tsk tsk on that one.

The bigger question, however, lies in the meaning of 呀宇種. The kanji used is so obscure that the title is spelled out phonetically in katakana - this is in Japan, mind you - and while I've been able to locate the meaning for the latter two characters, the first (呀) is still a mystery to me. For the love of Rin-Sin and all that's sexy and violent, if anybody has a clue, let me know. If it makes me look any smarter, the 'Hininden' part means "Tale of the Crimson Fern", far as I can tell.

The very tale at hand is a sad one, though: for those who don't know, Hininden Gausu was a 2005 ero anime OVA released by Pink Pineapple, based on a concept created by Rin-Sin, character designer and regular animation director for such classic tentacle rape shows as La Blue Girl, Twin Angels and Words Worth. She'd played around with the idea of doing a period kunoichi (female ninja) action title for quite some time, and eventually Pink Pineapple let her do it with her long time director, including Twin Angels and Inma Saiden, FUKUMOTO Kan. Three episodes were written, and summaries of the last 2 episodes are available on the official PinPai website linked above.

Unfortunately, only one of them were ever animated.

In the lengthy interview (also on the official site) Rin-Sin said that while she's glad she could bring a part of the story to life, she's basically given up on ero anime: there simply isn't any money to be made on OVAs anymore, and as financial ruin looms over the entire adult anime industry, she probably made the smart descision by deciding to work on shows like Ikki-Tousen: Dragon Destiny over expensive-to-produce fap material that fans would rather download illegally for free with virtually no marketing tie-ins to make ends meet. Okay, sure, there's the occasional PVC figure or pocket pussy, but as PinPai flatrly refused to sell their titles to international markets years ago, having felt that cheaper and uncensored releases were cutting into their bottom line, I don't think it's unfair to say that the entire adult anime industry is swirling slowly towards the drain. Heck, the studio that acknowledged they were fucked before anyone else was Pixy Soft, who not only had no uncensored international competition, but have produced some of the finest jack-off material known to man.

Seriously. If you don't get a raging boner during Himekishi Lilia, you're not my friend anymore.

With PinPai clamping down on costs and focusing on fetishtastic titles that were guaranteed to raise a quick yen (theoretically), Hininden Gausu simply got lost in the shuffle. It's been over 2 and a half years, and with no second episode even hinted at I think it's safe to say that the series is over. If your Japanese comprehension skills are better than my own, the episode 2-3 summaries will be as close to seeing them as you're ever going to get.

On this dour note, I'll leave you with something high-res to contemplate on.

We miss your pr0n, Rin-Sin. Yours was truly a cut above the rest.

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