Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I hate the Weinsteins (even more).

It's not like re-titling Chinese epics from something relevant into the esoteric... say, The Banquet becoming Legend of the Black Scorpion. (...seriously? THAT'S the new title?)

It's not the fact that they promise to deliver Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair and then sit on it while the US theatrical versions are already getting a Blu-ray release. Tarantino lost a bundle on Grindhouse (and shame on the rest of the world for it: he got my $7!), so why the hell wouldn't you kick him in the pills and make him start re-cutting his magnum opus into something fans will buy again?

It's not that they release Rob Zombie's Halloween in a 2 disc unrated edition and, like an idiot, I buy it despite knowing that a year later there will be a super special edition complete with the 4 and a half hour making-of Rob talked about shortly before the initial DVD came out. (At least I wasn't stupid enough to pay an extra $10 for the fucking lenticular slipcover.)

It's not even the fact that they release crap like Hoodwinked from time to time.

It's the simple, jaw-dropping problem of them creating utterly worthless AC3 Dolby Digital tracks that can't be played properly (or sometimes, at all) in Media Player Classic. Every single other DVD I've thrown at FFDShow's audio decoder has been just fine, even hack jobs by Central Park Media and Manga Entertainment before either one of them could release a DVD that looked better than VHS, forget sound better than an LD. It's not that fucking hard to create original Dolby audio tracks that lack hiss and dropouts on a standard fucking decoder, is it? Heck, even when 4.0 tracks knock FFDShow for a loop, the audio still sounds good, it just gets the channels mixed up beyond all recognition (Left and Center? Not the same thing.), yet all I'm trying to do is watch À l'intérieur (INSIDE), and all I get is stuttering warbling crapola.

Shut down Media Player Classic, load up Power DVD, and viola, crisp and clean and perfect in every way.

I know FFDShow isn't perfect. You need a Golden God to run anything worthwhile, and there are so many options that you'll be dead and buried long before you've figured out how to properly setup your colorspace options. But it's still the most flexible and attractive option we've got for raw software DVD processing, and until I see a hardware solution that offers AVISynth, I'm going to stick with it. The fact that I need PowerDVD at all is just dumbfounding, and makes me wonder what the hell these guys are doing to make their AC3 files so damned unfriendly.

So, PowerDVD chugging along, back to INSIDE. I don't know what the French are freebasing that's making them produce such great gore films these days, but whatever it is I hope they keep it up.

Hey everahbody!

Like I said France, whatever it is, keep it up!

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Josh said...

Hey Kentai,

I read alot of your reviews and I enjoy them quite a bit, so thanks for that. I'm not in the know of how film works, or transfers, or anything similiar for that matter. However, I recently imported Inside on BD from Taiwan. While the movie was absoultely great, I'm not sure why the hell I spent $30 on this VHS lookin' BD... I literally don't know what I'm looking at. I was curious to know if you've ever had the chance to see it?