Monday, August 04, 2008

The Night Shift Nurses Shit No More

The following post is stolen, sans shame, from a post by mk2000 over at the Anime on DVD forums. I don't know how well Mania archives posts, so I figured I should really swipe the information now while there was a chance to:

"Okay, it took a while in between other duties and my utter shock over losing Kanon Vol 6 but here it is -


There were 4.7 Minutes cut from the R1.
7 Sequences/Sex Scenes/Sex Sessions were Altered/Deleted.
86 Storyboard/Continuous Camera Shots Deleted

Many sequences had to have "approved" shots looped to add time due to the all the cutting.

R1 Running Time 22:10 before end credits (even with the looped sequences)
R2 Running Time 26:28 before end credits

As noted previously, the script was also massively altered to turn possible "forced" situations into consensual ones.


First Cut Altered/Cut sequence comes at minute 7:53 of the R1.
In the original sequence, the Doctor is forcing Remi to eat Hikaru's feces.
11 seconds
3 storyboard shots

The sequence right after that one is also cut where the doctor sits on Remi's stomach to force her cork buttplug to shoot out and allow the feces to flow.
39 seconds
14 storyboard shots

Although the timing is now off from the R2, at minute 11:04 of the R1 the next cut sequence comes with Ako's Necrophilia sequence in which the doctor overdoes it with the defibrillator, doesn't notice she's gone into cardiac arrest and so proceeds to have sex with her. He later revives her for those wondering but that sequence is not shown in this compilation version so any newcomer could assume she died.
1 minute and 55 seconds
32 storyboard shots

The following cut scene at 11:10 was the Narumi sequence from the never released Episode 10. This sequence is partially cut.
First 16 seconds where he tears off her clothes.
7 storyboard shots

12:21 again during the Narumi rape sequence they cut before they show her blood and semen drizzling out from her vagina.
5 seconds
1 storyboard shot

13:15 were he violently slaps her face until her nose bleeds.
5 seconds
1 storyboard shot

13:24 vertical pan of her body up to her bloody face.
10 seconds
2 storyboard shots

13:27 more shots of her bloody face
11 seconds
2 storyboard shots

13:52 Finally to the next sequence, the Doctor Eating Hikaru's Feces
4 seconds
1 storyboard shot

14:06 Hikaru lying on the floor with her face on her feces
5 seconds
1 storyboard shot

16:22 Hikaru train sequence where she willing eats her chocolate covered poop on the floor and says its yummy. :puke:
2 storyboard shots
16 seconds

Exclusive 10.5 Hikaru Hot Springs sequence.
Getting slapped in the face
15 seconds
4 storyboard shots

The Doctor's Penis
2 seconds
1 storyboard shot

17:56 The Doctor's Penis (why?)
7 seconds
1 storyboard shot

18:00 Hikaru giving consensual oral sex to The Doctor with his Penis showing.
Okay, in the R1 they are looping sequences to extend the time of the oral sex sequence because of all the cutting. HAHAHAHA!
And they finally show his penis in an aliased 2 second still frame they inserted. How generous of them...
30 seconds
3 storyboard shots

18:45 Pulling out Hikaru's butt plug.
Once again, they loop "approved" sequences to add time.
11 seconds
2 storyboard shots

19:02, 19:22, ?
It's getting more difficult to keep up with their cuts since they are rearranging the entire sequence and looping some sections to avoid showing when the doctor inserts his penis into her anus to push in the eggs. (or anything too "graphic" or forceful)
About 30 seconds
About 9 Storyboard Shots"

In short, Adult Source Media is, at this moment in time, marginally more disgusting than the scat they've cut for this title who's sole purpose is to offend the viewer into a fucking coma. I only ever bought Vol. 2 of the initial Anime 18 release of the series, because vol. 1 was a heavily cut train wreck and I figured, eventually, we'd get either a complete box or a "Director's Cut" featuring the restored versions of episodes 1-3 instead of that ridiculous 'deleted scene' crap they pulled on vol. 2, 'RN's Revenge'. Of course, Anime 18 bit the big one before any of that ever happened. I inhereted vol. 4, 'Carnal Corruptions' somewhere along the way, and still have my copy of vol. 2, which sadly is full of cracks through the actions of people other than myself.

Resurfacing is a scam. Don't bother, just buy a new copy.

Adult Source Media literally cut the crap right out of 10.5, so I'm doing my best to find the original Japanese versions of 5.5 and see if this was a one time thing or not, as there have been rumors flying around for some time that they "rescued" the title from Anime 18 and will be re-releasing the entire KARTE series from start to finish. If this is their idea of a 'rescue', we might be better off letting the franchise drown in its' own filth.

I'm probably not going to buy any ASM DVDs sight unseen ever again, since the odds of this being some sort of bizarre pre-cut by the Japanese seems virtually impossible - I'll also point out that, having asked ASM point blank if they cut the title or recieved a cut master, I was ignored. This is in rather stark contrast to my having asked them ages ago if they were planning on picking up the rest of the Yakin Byoutou franchise, which - as you can see - they were more than happy to take my advice over at the time.

A shame, as controversial material in shows like ANGEL CORE, DAIAKUJI: THE XENA BUSTER, HARUMI'S BAD PLAY, and even SHUKAKU: HARVEST NIGHT were all untouched. I don't know why they'd suddenly have a change of heart over what has to be the most infamous title out there, but when shots of face-slapping and forced clothing removal go missing, there's clearly something more dastardly going on than "we didn't have uncensored pussy footage, so we had to cut it". Even if that were true, they could have stolen the footage from the Anime 18 releases.

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