Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jacking off on Violence... Again

Behold! The sequence that best sums up ITANO Ichirou's entire career!

Asian DVD Club. Now. Don't tell me you don't want it. You like it rough, don't you? Yeah, Kentai knows what you like...

A technical note: because the Japanese DVD is matted to 1.66:1, a strange little issue I'll pick apart in a new blog, there are two subtitle tracks included. The first is "4:3 friendly" and extends into the bottom matte-bar, the second is "16:9 friendly" and can be cropped up to 1.85:1 without disappearing. If you zoom content on your screen to rid yourself of black bars, pick the second. Be careful not to zoom in to full 16:9 though. The video isn't that wide, so stick to 14:9 or whatever "partial" zoom modes you can.

Alternately, be a difficult to please prick and do it in FFDShow like I do. You'll never have to worry about over-matting material again, especially not with a 16:10 monitor.

Maybe I should have done a full blown anamorphic restoration... but I didn't. Not yet, anyway.

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