Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giger's Unofficial DVD

Mmmyep. Not sure if the buttons will work after I save 'em as DVD friendly subpicture files, but here's hoping.

Kinda' torn on what to do with the actual transfers, though. Keeping them interlaced, since not only is the 3:2 pulldown rather shot on both of them, but the burned-in Japanese subtitles 'strobe' really badly, even when properly IVTC'ed. My broke nature means I can't invest in a new capture card, and with these discs being loaners anyway there's not a lot I can do but work from the VIDEO_TS folder data and hope for the best.

The video is really difficult to work with because the original LD's are nothing short of dreadful. They're basically nothing but horrific 80s analog noise on top of 70s 16mm dupe film grain on top of chroma based rainbows. Add my recorder's penchant for hideous comb-filter mishaps and blocking on scene changes and you can imagine how awful these transfers look, though I feel somewhat vindicated knowing that NOTHING I, or anyone else, could have done would have made these look particularly great.

As it stands I have a decent level of detail - better than a VHS dupe, that's for damn sure - so I shouldn't feel too bad that I'm trying my best to polish a turd. Still, chroma issues like rainbows can't be resolved in AVISynth (don't let them lie to you!), and any NR that I put on top of the MPEG-2 encode seems it does more harm than good. Aside from squeezing the bitrate down to the ballpark of 7.5 Mbps and tweaking the CCE SP settings a bit to maybe quantize out some of that heavy noise, these are a done deal.


ARTeria said...

Wow unbelivieble!!!
I'm gonna start to cry now.
Is it possible really to find some of these documentaries?
Or you are doing this dvd for yourself?

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