Saturday, November 22, 2008

My True Lady Blue

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Whew! Not one, but TWO scenes were edited on this, the final episode, making up for the no-show comparison I gave you last time. Both of these scenes are quite amusing, and readily establish why cutting animated comedy pr0n is never in its' favor. If my math is right (likely it's not), the first cut is somewhere around 23 seconds, the second about 12, for a total of about 34 seconds worth of cuts not compensating for any freeze-frame shots and the like. I'll no longer be talking about the runtimes directly, since Anime 18's credits kills the timecode display on Media Player Classic, making my estimates kinda' lopsided at best. What I can confirm is that the R2 runs 29:15, and that the R1 is... uhm... about 30:55, with credits and Daiei logos? Something like that, at least.

R1 (01:31:33)

R2 - CUT

R2 - CUT

R2 - CUT

...that's NOT cut, but the above shot is? You only see his boner for like 2 frames! Honestly...


R2 - CUT
Do me like the vile rabid Ewok you are!

R2 - CUT

R2 - CUT
Damn you, parachute pants...


R2 - CUT

R2 - CUT
Nobody saw that one cumming!

R1 (1:31:58)

Wasn't that fun? Man, Americans like me have really missed out!

R1 (1:42:34)
For some reason, this shot is a cheesy freeze-frame on BOTH versions.

R2 - CUT

R2 - CUT

R2 - CUT
Is that shot sexy? ...yes. Yes, I do believe it is.

This one, too. Not sure if I blame the Rin-Sin character designs for being so damn cute, or the core concept of making out with a near corpse.

Hmm? When did I ever say I DIDN'T have issues?


It's not what it looks like-nya!

R1 (1:42:39)

Oh, that crazy Nin-Nin! To his credit, playing with Yaku's boobs did do the trick. Also, watch the R1 and you'll see her massive sweater melons actually settling from when Nin-Nin lets go. It's another sort of "...huh" cut, just like in the first episode when you can just barely see him shaking his weiner.

The R2 DVDs are designed to not allow me to rewind/fast forward without ripping the VOB files apart and making new MPEG files, so I'm doing my best to keep track of what all is how long by skipping to the right chapter and trying to keep an eye on the timecode. I'm sure a more detailed analysis would prove these edits to be off +/- a second on average, but for the purpose of the Kentai Blog, I think this is rather sufficient. If someone wants to do a full blown Edit Report with frame by frame accuracy, by all means, I'll leave it to them.

I also can't fathom why now the R1 DVD has brighter colors and hotter contrast than the R2... it was the other way around on episode 2, and more similar on episode 1, and I can't even remember what episode 3 was like now. Honestly, why? For that matter, how? Did Anime 18 just fuck with the dials on their hardware just to spite me in the future? Even with some weak looking black levels the R2 is sharper, and doesn't totally blow out details in over saturated color, so the R2 is still the winner. Just... for different reasons, now. (Ow. My brain.)

So, there you have it ladies and gents, the definitive answer as to wither or not Anime 18's release of LADY BLUE/INJUU GAKUEN EX's was truly uncut or not. At least this time it didn't have a big 'Uncencored' bar across Miiko's tits, blatantly lying to consumers. Well, not on DVD at least... the fact that all R1 covers of La Blue Girl 1-6 shout "UNCENSORED!" while being edited for content is one of those things that burns my balls like you just wouldn't believe.

Hope you enjoyed the report. Good night.

P.S. - None of the cut footage in Lady Blue actually has any odious Japanese obscenity nullifying censorship, which means crafting a 100% uncut and uncensored version is totally viable. I already know I'm not so lucky on the Original/Shin La*Blue Girl OVAs, but that is an unexpected bonus (of sorts).


Anonymous said...

You think you could upload the R2 to a torrent site or maybe just the cut scenes to a tube site? I would really like to see them and insert them into the my US copy.

Anonymous said...

Can you upload a video of just the deleted cuts from INJUU GAKUEN EX EP 4?

You can upload the video to

PASS: recut325

The folder will be deleted a couple days after you post

Thanks alot if you could do this!!!

Anonymous said...

You think you could upload the R2 to a torrent site or maybe just the cut scenes to a anomymous file site?

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Anonymous said...

Would you please create an animated gif of each scene?