Sunday, December 28, 2008

Capture Me If You Can

Ain't she cute? Don't be fooled... she's a whore.

Bought this. Installed it. Started getting really decent video, but the audio was, in a word, creamed shite on toast. Decided to unplug it, check the cables, put it back in and try my luck anew.

I couldn't even get it to synch with the source video after that. Neither could my wife. I literally think it exploded the second time I tried to use it. This is the last time I buy a device called a "jellyfish" by the guys who sold it to me on the recipt.

For one thing, it's dawned on me that wither I hook the audio straight into my on-board sound or not, the on-board sound (which should really be replaced with an isolated sound card for various reasons) is still doing the recording, so odds are my fears of losing synch are just paranoia, and software could fix it without any major hurdles. VirtualVCR is a lovely program, and once I find a hardware dongle that doesn't up and die in the face of a stiff fart, I'm sure it and I will become very, very good friends.

Until then, I'm off to get a return number and then exchange it for a device that doesn't completely suck. The first full-on hardware captured Kentai DVD should have been done a long time ago (story of my life), but I'll make it a point to make sure that it happens sooner rather than later.