Friday, December 12, 2008

Chatteleying About

1920s' English erotic scribbles + Nikkatsu Roman series = Lady Chatterley in Tokyo? You bet your bippy, baby. Seems like every week or so I've got another Pink Eiga for the world to be patched, and this is no exception: quickly, to ADC before all the other seeders give up!

Unlike Sukeban Mafia, this tape was watchable enough that a full 16:9 remaster was possible, aside from the usual degraining and color correction. As you can see, the blacks are VERY black, which is a bit frustrating, but that's either the print Nikkatsu used or the way it was originally shot so making it any brighter would have just kept more noise. Believe me, there's a certain point where "more noise" really equates to "more artifacts" on DVD, and with this one running a full 90 minutes I couldn't just kick the bitrate up to 8mbps like I usually seem to get away with on 60-70 minute Japanese softporn.

As with most Nikkatsu tapes from the 90s sell-through market, the tape is windowboxed to about 2.0:1 during the credits, and opens up slightly to 1.9:1 for the rest of the feature. By "open up" I mean "is cropped more" than any anamorphic scope print would be, but as a 70mm print would be letterboxed to 2.1:1, wither or not the extra 0.2:1 is a big hairy deal is a personal call. Then again, Roman Porno would never have gotten 70mm prints because they were always shot in a week for about 30 cents, always in mono and sometimes even on 16mm, and so blowing it up to 70mm would serve absolutely zero purpose. As always, until Nikkatsu un-vaults some 35mm print and does a new transfer, this is still as good as it gets, so just relax and enjoy. 'Specially with that upcoming subtitle patch.

Also, horsecock. Mmm-hmmm. You know you want it now.