Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fry the School Girl

Now available for the wicked masses.

The R2 DVD was no looker, so I'm afraid this is 4:3/interlaced all the way, but the subtitles are 16:9 zoom friendly, and at least you don't have to worry about the usual NTSC-PAL crap like we all had to on the old Japan Shock DVD. Included is an interview with Naoyuki TOMOMATSU and Suehiro MAURO, who designed the cover art, as well as a short film Tomomatsu made years ago that appears to be shot on 8mm, edited on VHS. Neither are subtitled - I HATE interviews, and a TV episode length surrealist movie with distorted audio was never part of the deal - but both are worth a look for fans.

Give it a look. I'd never make the mistake of calling myself "fluent" in Japanese - one could argue that my English could probably use some good polishing, even. But I can promise you that this translation is a hundred times plus better than what Japan Shock threw on their Dutch DVD.

And back to the subtitle mines I go. Lady Chatterley needs some lines checked, as does a period Pinku from my favorite Pinku director, Teruo ISHII, so I should really get to that. I've also patched my ass off, and with any luck I'll get one more long overdue project finished before Christmas and then ring in the new year with one of my all time favorites.

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Gurotaku said...

The cover and interview are by/with Shintao KAGO and not Suehiro MARUO. Maruo did a bunch of movie poster artwork but as far as I know some long out-of-print ATG box set has been the only DVD release that made use of his talents. It could be that a painted cover suggests an animated film to the Japanese mainstream customer.