Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lewd Demon Bugs. That's, seriously, what it means.

淫妖蟲/INYOCHU, the single greatest PWP* tentacle/unicorn rape OVA ever made, has been patched by yours truly with the unending help of a very hungry Caterpillar. I won't lie and tell you that it's great cinema, but I will say it's the first time I've ever seen a 30 minute animated feature revolving around cute Shakugan no Shana knock-offs getting raped by an anthropomorphic unicorn with a 3 foot penis. It manages to rival Mahou Shoujo Ai as a jaw-dropping spectacle of supernatural proportions, and had the show not been canceled after a single episode it could well have wormed my way into my heart as an all time favorite.

Yeah. U-N-I-C-O-R-N.

See? Told you. Why don't you ever just trust me on these things?

I said "worm" because the sequel, 淫妖蟲・蝕/Inyochu: Shoku (Shoku = Eclipse), features a scene of CG worms being born out of a pair of distended tits, and this sequence traumatized my poor bug hating wife in ways I can't rightly explain. Sadly, the Shoku psuedo-sequel doesn't adhere to the wild and ridiculous anything goes philosophy of the original video, and tries like mad to have a more linear structure that, uh... doesn't involve neon green dookie. The second episode also had notably cheaper production values, so the fact that it involved a girl being sodomised with a penis on fire somehow managed to be unimpressive, frustrating even, a great core concept with a boring execution. It isn't terrible, it's just mediocre, and when you have a show with flaming cocks that just comes out as mediocre it makes me fear that Humanity has hit some sort of roadblock they just can't walk 10 paces around. Greatness is RIGHT FUCKING THERE! Just take it already!

Perhaps, Shoku was slightly less frustrating than MURAKAMI Teruaki animating the same POV gonzo pr0n over and over but, that's another future blog entirely...

Clearly this sort of blatant tentacoo prawn is verboten on the usual sources, so you'll have to hit me up if you want a copy.

*PWP = Plot? What Plot?