Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Horse, a Woman, a Dog, and a Pizza Place.

"Sato" Bootleg

Kentai Transfer

What you're looking at are two different MPEG encodes of the rarely seen 1990 Hisayasu SATO film, Uma to Onna to Inu (Horse, Woman, and Dog). It'll get done - restored, translated and subtitled - sooner rather than later.

Gotta' hand it to Shin Toho. So subtle, so subtle.

The history on this one is... strange. According to a third party from which my initial copy of the film originated, the double-feature DVD-R containing Uma to Onna to Inu, and its' psuedo sequel Umagoya no Reijou (Lady of the Stables), actually came from the director himself! Turns out somebody found Sato's eMail, and started sending him a bunch of messages asking him about his work, his inspirations, what he had for breakfast, whatever. Sato eventually figured out that if he could offer rare-as-hell films, maybe the well meaning stalker would leave him alone. I'm not too sure if it worked, but I do know that I have one of those rare VHS-to-DVD-Rs sent to the initial fan.

I also know that the DVD-R's quality was pretty friggin' awful.

So, some time later my buddy Caterpillar finds a pre-record for sale. He buys it, sends it my way, and I'm heart-broken to see that the tape has been abused to the point where the vertical synch drops out slightly every minute or two. The worst of it clears up by the time the credits are through, but it was really disappointing that such a rare and spectacular film was still a slightly in less than perfect condition. Still, I decided to record the whole thing and A/B the transfers, trying to decide if the occasional "blips" in the VHS were really any worse than the consistently terrible looking bootleg.

But don't take MY word for it! You can download short (and saucy) previews of both transfers.

Sato Bootleg

Kentai Project

The Sato transfer was deinterlaced, so watch the two of them in something like PowerDVD to avoid combing on the Kentai transfer. As you can see, there's quite a difference even as stills, but to really appreciate the oddities of both transfers, seeing them in motion is strongly recommended.

I'm already leaning on using the new Kentai transfer, for multiple reasons, but any and all input on the situation is greatly appreciated - and hey, you get to watch some obscene dog-porn in the name of science. Ain't life just grand?

Most certainly NOT what Sato was getting at.

...closer? Sure, why not.
CLOSER to what Sato was getting at.