Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Abashiri Conspiracy

I promise, this is the very last odious LD-to-DVD update until I actually buy a new piece of hardware...

Despite Wanna Be's, The Ultimate Teacher, Zetsuai and Cathexis being rather... unpleasant after their DVD conversion, Go Nagai's THE ABASHIRI FAMILY/あばしり一家 doesn't look nearly so bad. Well, at least not in comparison. There's some horizontal banding, some mosquito noise, and best of all some of that delicious rainbowing I just can't get enough of, but compared to the layers and layers of yuck I've found on other discs... this one seems pretty all-right. I think it's mostly just a question of how supersaturated the disc is, combined with my player's "preview" output being much more heavily filtered than the signal it's actually getting.

Besides, if I REALLY want to get rid of noise on my recordings, that's what post-processing is for.