Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have you hugged an underaged girl today? Aki has...

All three episodes on one Lolilicious DVD!

Aki Uchiyama's Lolita Anime Triple Feature:
Sick Aki-chan, Milk Drinking Doll, & Pee Play.

Uncut, subtitled in English for the first time ever, and remastered to the very best condition an old beat-up VHS rental tape deserves. No obnoxious watermarks here, just a small subtitle tag. It's got shiny interactive menus too, which means it's instantly better than my last gratuitous Kentai Films loli DVD, Dirty Matsumoto's Orgy of Fallen Angels. Which I'm totally not pimping by proxy.

The three episodes pretty much ate up the entire single layer DVD, but there's nothing else for me to add anyway. I don't have any of the original manga these were based on, and to the best of my knowledge there wasn't any merchandise to speak of. Artbooks, soundtracks, coloring books for the kids, lolita sized onaholes, God only knows what Nikkatsu could have thought up as a tie-in back in the free wheeling 1980s, but if there was any, I've never run across it. (Then again I've never seen the BETA tapes either, though I know they exist.) I'll admit a list of merchandise for a 25 year old toddlercon OVA series isn't something I can just... like... grab off of wikipedia, so if anyone out there has more information, feel free to leave me a comment.

Hmmm... I guess I could have included a brief "before/after" restoration clip, but considering all I did was AVISynth the hell out of a crumby looking set of ex-rentals, that hardly seems worth tooting my own horn over. Same with including unrestored previews or opening logos... honestly, I don't care. Do you? Odd are, dear readers, you don't. I could also include trailers, but as virtually nothing I release has 'official' trailers that also seems redundant. The key here is to subtitle more loli anime and use the Aki trailers as an extra on them. Or something.
At last, I can finally say something I've always wanted to:

Eat my delicious loli, Zac Bertschy!

Now, if I can just finish that one DVD to tell Jon Clements to stick it up his stuffy English ass...

I already gave John Sirabella a raised middle finger years ago, which he promptly replied by pwning me at my own game. Touché, Kitty Media! It's really a shame JapanAnime probably isn't going to follow suit...

(And yes, that's LOLI-licious. Not LOL-ilicious. Well, I guess it could be both...)