Monday, June 15, 2009

T'was Greek To Me

So, remember how a pal of mine sent me HASHIRE MELOS for remastering? I got a brand new transfer as two two large MPEG video chunks with embedded MPA Level II audio, and planned to go from there. The only trouble was that those tracks got seriously screwed up at some point; the left channel was full of static, and the right was nothing BUT static. The guy looked around for something else he could send me, and found a proper stereo audio clip... from a completely different capture. I tried synching the two up a few times, but it just wasn't going to happen... there was too much of a gap between the two in sound quality, and I just couldn't pin down what was a proper sync, or just reasonably close. Lip flap matching isn't the end of the world for anime I know, but by now you know my stubborn pride wouldn't let me just slap a track on there which may or may not have kept in sync with the video proper.

Finally, I realized a big part of the reason I couldn't get the audio to "match" by overlapping the two was because I was adding a bunch of distortion from ONLY the right channel. So, I made a dual-mono track using the left (still borked) channel as reference to the "other" audio track. The distortions were stable enough that I could finally get the unusable audio to more or less match with the stereo track, and thus sync it to the video. We have a genuine Stereo track for Melos, and I couldn't be happier right now.

EDIT: Son of a Macedonian whore!

Well, I CAN create a sync track. Unfortunately something got 'nudged' when I exported the fixed track, and now the whole think is forked after it switches to Side B. It'll probably be easier this time, now that I know what to look and listen for and all that jazz, but talk about frustrating...

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