Friday, August 14, 2009

La Mort D'amour

It took about a week to finish properly, but sure enough the Kentai Films script for LOVEDEATH is complete. As it an ISO patch for everyone who happens to have a copy of the French Edition and can rip a 1:1 copy of it using ImgBurn.



Many scenes were re-translated completely, and while I won't vouch that this script is 100% literal at every turn, I can promise you it's the best English script for the Integrale 158 minute version of LoveDeath out there. LBlisters has evidently released an "official" translation, which is likely far better than this, but it's of the shorter 122 minute Festival Cut and thus is somewhat useless in the context of the uncut version of the film.

Having checked the French script it seems that at least some of the blame needs to be aimed at M6/WE Entertainment. The French translation was hardly a literal one to start with, so translating that back into English and comparing it to the Japanese dialog quickly became a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

I'm currently making arrangements to get my hands on the Japanese rental version of LoveDeath, which means an NTSC transfer with a Dolby 5.1 track. If either of those matter to you, wait. If not, the French DVD is pretty fantastic looking. If PAL's your bag, hey, I'm not here to judge. You filthy pervert.

And now, we can put this whole ugly mess behind us. It's back to subtitling animated pornography and restoring B-movies for me, and I couldn't be happier.

EDIT: There was a minor unicode freak-out that caused some gibberish to pop-up for two or three lines relating to "I'm", of all things. That's fixed on the subtitles now.

Since there will be an even better DVD patch in the near future, I'm afraid you'll just have to live with these very minor flaws for the time being, but you can download a fixed script and either load it externally or craft a patch of your own, if you're so inclined.


Kimono-Rouge said...

PART 1: Now that you finish your 'excellent' new subs. It was fun to see it. I'd say you redid 5% and rephrase 10% of it. NOTHING here added make the film a totally new one...Are you saying that you didn't have the french and lblisters srt when you started to blast me off?!! Yes, they were a 'mindfuck' to do and even the french audio was different then any of these subs (it's actually very very awful, you wouldn't believe it *if* you could understand french). Seeing my translated srt, you must of notice my added lines there btw. They weren't on the french srt. And let me remind you that I did stated that the french srt wasn't very good to start with. lblisters ones was for the different cut, I also stated that and said it was best to follow the french srt and I see you did that too (thanks to my translated srt). Seeing your results and comparing mine, boy, aren't they way too similar to not use 'exact' in 3/4 of it? Lots of copy+paste buddy. I had to modify myself some of the french subs that was badly written but not knowing french you can't tell how much work I have actually put into this, you just copy+paste these and the extra added lines. Change a few swearing words, rephrase a bit...And you called my sub work as 'amphibian blablah', the worse you ever seen? Without my subs, you'd been in deep shit doing these mister.

For the curious ones, here's the original subs before Kentai redid them:

Oh, I could go on a lot about things you didn't seem to get.

When 'Father' reaches the 'Lethal Weapon' card, then check his bunch of cards, he says these things because he's reading cards of other films and says one would be humiliating, the other one would cut ears. Wasn't part of 'Leathal Weapon'.

As a fluent English person, what are these sentences?

"The Boss is trying to cope with the pain in both his heart, and his junk." ... >> of both his...
(he's heart broken, not bleeding there but his dick is), badly phrased.

"But the harder you work for it,
the better your sex will be!"

working at what? It said the more obstacles you have in life, the better sex is. Not working at sex itself.

And there's plenty of other examples but will stop there.

Now that you plunged into the 'mindfuck' of all the subs, you can realize that I did more then 300 lines, that I checked every lines of course and seem you didn't come up with something else for my added lines either.
So if you cannot translate any Japanese to English (or are you always using someone else translation and retouch them for the KentaiFilm present glory?) then, you were of no additional help at all. Your changes here & there, anyone could of done it, rephrase it the way they like, change a word for another,etc. Your subs doesn't change at all the story or the meaning of a sentence in particular.What a shame you couldn't come up with a complete new sub work...go hide yourself!

And as a >>MALE<<, why be afraid to use the word 'dick' more then once and use these: 'schlong','junk','dingy'?! lol

"Maple red bean"
One flavour is Maple, the other red beans...

My fav one:
"Her name is named Sheela."
lol. Tell me you were tired at this point...

Kimono-Rouge said...

PART 2: And of course, we have our dear 'Subtitles by Kentai Films present' at the very beginning and at the end no credits for lblisters (cos in my work subs, his work is integrated at many various parts. Ex: the french sub did 'imagine' where I believe wasn't mentioning Lennon, worse in the audio french version they said 'imagine' by quoting it was a song from a french singer which I forgot his name, one of many examples anyways.) And of course, no thanks to Mimiko (that was of course expected).
You based your so-called better subs obviously on mine (many copy+paste), lblisters's works been of help as basic work and yes despite they were done for the other version, many lines helped (specially those towards the end) fitted. How dare you saying his subs were 'useless'... Lacking respect to both of us. And of course, don't mention 'mimiko' because after all the nastyness you unleashed, that would be too humiliating for an ego-self-centered kid like you...

The original French subs changed at least two scenes... not understanding French, you would never known these facts. Not able to understand French audio, you would be even more fucked in your subtitle work.

Looks like you were pissed to not have the sub work final word and pointed a finger at me before you actually had handy all the subs available (french srt, lblister).

By posting your subs, just shows how lame your 'best of subs' work suck on people's work to make it your own.

I may be a 'mad dog' but it's better then a being LEECH like you...

PS: La Mort D'Amour.
wrong! "Mourir d'amour" is the right term although the title LoveDeath (written this way) only means, "L'Amour, La Mort" as two words put into one (Love & Death)

Better stay on your quality/image obsession (with all the bitching to each and everyone of them - get yourself a job there if you're so godly good) and continue to up your unsubbed films in hope to catch some naive fishes like me who would feed you some subs.

Oh dear, my blog is private not because it's all blahblah-shit, I'm hosting files there to share with some friends of mine. That's all there is to it.

If you're posting your blog public and you flame me there, I surely have the right to have my word little fellow. I don't consider this 'stalking', but if some people happen to read this, they can judge for themselves and see both sides of the story and now they can compare both our sub work and see how 'so' good you are and exposed yourself as desperate man who ended up copying most of the original srt I did. What a joke.