Friday, October 09, 2009

Kentai Films: A Breakthrough.

Original on the left, Remaster on the right.



This is still highly experimental stuff for me, but I'll just come out and say it: I'm violently jerking off to the results. Join me, won't you?


FJO said...

I have impressions of the VHD comparison. I also compared the video clip to screenshots from the vintage VHD mook and hardcover film comic. The color tone in both books is consistent, but I don't know if it's authoratative because the color shade in the two books is much brighter than the video clip. The "old" left-hand-side video clip color is typically closer to the color of the book screenshots. The remastered color is much darker than the shades in the vintage book screenshots. The color contrast in the remastered footage certainly does pop. I'm just not certain that the movie is supposed to be that dark

Removing the jitter is certainly nice. I appreciate smoothing out the grain in some cases, but I'm also not entirely enamoured with it because the grain gives the video a vintage look while the perfectly smooth and absolutely color perfect Doris looks a little too modern. Now, for example, at 1:00 in the video clip Greco's hair and face have distracting, ugly pixelation breakup on the left that's not evident on the remastered right. The vintage left makes him look like he's got leprosy or liver spots.

At 23 seconds, the shot you used as a screenshot for the blog, the color tone on the right is a magnitude darker than the same screenshot in the film comic. The brown and pink of his jacket are a pretty near spot-on match with the book screenshot, but the gold outline of his broach should be bright yellow, and the yellow of his hair in the video is a shade darker than it is in the book screenshot.

At 31 seconds in, the color on the left is darker than the screenshot in the VHD mook. In the book screenshot it's possible to see Greco's nostril and the shadow under his nose. His nostril is not distinguishable in the video clip. On the right hand side, in the book screenshot Doris' top is clearly maroon red. In your video clip it's close to dark brown.

In the shot at 42 in the VHD film comic the pinstriping on at Doris' cleavage is clearly visible. In the video it's difficult to see. In the film comic screenshot her crucifix is bright yellow. In the video clip it's dark brown. In the book screenshot there are four distinct color tones on her breast closest to the right side of the screen. In the video clip there are only 3 distinguishible shades of color. The color of the center of her blouse, in the book screenshot, is the same color as the piping on the blouse. In the video clip it's not the same, consistent color. In this shot, since the light source is coming from the right side of the screen, the right side is a closer match to the color in the book screenshot. The left side is distinctly darker than the book screenshot.

At 1:09 while Doris' face is still on screen, compared to the film comic screenshot the lightest shade on Doris' screen-left shoulder is bright, nearly orange - much brighter than the video clip. The background in the book screenshot is popping, crisply bright. In the video clip the background color is dull. In the book screenshot Doris' eyes are nearly the same shade of blue as her shoulder frills. In the video clip her eyes are a much darker blue. Again, in the book screenshot the piping on the top edge of her blouse is very light colored contrast. In the video clip it almost blends in. In the screenshot the piping is clearly obvious on both breasts. In the remastered right it's almost invisible.

At 1:10 in the film comic screenshot the jewel on her holster is red. In the video clip it's brick red. In the screenshot her whip and the highlights on her belt are almost orange because they're so bright. In the book screenshot there are four dots clearly visible on the nubs of her top belt buckle. In the video clip none of them are clearly visible. In the book screenshot the shadow in her panties is so light that it's almost invisible. In the video it's very distinct.

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FJO said...

Really, I'm torn. Eliminating the jitter is wonderful. Apart from the color in the remaster seeming too dark to me, I get the impression that the remaster is the ideal way the movie creators envisioned the movie while the left is an accurate representation of the vintage of the film. I'm a bit partial to the old look that retains grain and some dust specks and dirt. The remastered side still has the animation flaws that are in the original footage that reveal the film as a hand-crafted vintage anime, so it's not a total loss of impact. Personally, I think that an ideal version would be the non-remastered footage with the jitter stabilized and stuff like the scratches from :19 to :23 and the terrible macroblocking at 1:00 removed. But that's really a frame-by-frame restoration and not a whole-film filter applied.