Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bitrate Blunders

Do you see what I see?!
BESIDES the cam-toe, I mean.

I encoded SUBWAY SERIAL RAPE: LOVER HUNTING myself, using CCE SP 2.70, with a maximum bitrate of 9000 kbps. The DD 2.0 audio is 256 kbps. That's 9,256 kbps, max, with a substantially lower average bitrate if 8000.

So why does it say my DVD OVER 10.08 MBPS?!

Because TMPGEnc DVD Author, my "simple" DVD builder of choice, is evidently a bigger, fatter piece of crap than I had thought it was. I've fed it plenty of CCE SP streams with bitrates in the same range, and it's always thrown a big fat hissy fit over the streams being too big... but I've always ignored them, because I knew for a fact that the streams were fine. If they weren't, programs like Maestro wouldn't take them either.

The problem is that the headers on the "new" DVD *SAY* they're too big. TMPGEnc DVD Author assumes you're using TMPGEnc's own Enc-oders, which cap at 8,000 kbps. When you feed it an encode made from pretty much any other encoder it pulls a warning, saying the DVD probably won't work, but you can try anyway. Up until today, they always have, but SSR4 is causing problems for the guy who's trying to patch them with software that will absolutely not take anything but 100% compliantly flagged streams. See, kids? It doesn't matter if you're 8,000 or 15,000 kbps, as long as you know how to re-write the headers and lie through your goddamn teeth.

I think we've found a work-around for this, but I'll spend time looking for a new program for quick'n'easy DVD image creation. It's not like there isn't plenty of competition!

UPDATE: Work around found. Subway Serial Rape 4 is now available subtitled.

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