Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gritty or Gooey: The Lesser Or Two Evils?

This download is for 22 seconds of Maryuu Senki in various states of digital repair. One clip is with Digigrain, the other is without. Recompressed to "DVD Quality" no audio. Should open in any program that'll play DVDs.


I'm still not 100% sold either way. I do like the 'look' of the grainy clip, and it helps break up the large flat areas of blurred out DNR victimization, but it also gives it a faux texture it probably never have had when it was shot on (I presume) 35mm.

While I detest the use of "fake" grain on any new telecine in place of the natural grain on the print, what I'm starting from is a heavily damaged analog transfer. At that point, any small and relatively granular bit of motion is closer to 35mm than LD... but it still isn't really the look of film. That was lost long, long before I got involved.

Should I simulate the look of analog film grain by creating random digital noise, or live with the way analog video looks once all of the distortions have been filtered out? As always, comments on these comparisons are more than welcome.

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