Monday, November 30, 2009

Kyrie Eleison

Kentai Films VHS Restoration

DDM Internet Download

Unfortunately, the "Viva Pinks!" label VHS was in such poor shape to start with that all I could do was blur, boost, and upscale it. The results you see above may not look like much, but they still crush the source VHS by a wide margin, and that fact is pretty terrifying if you think about it.

VHS was always a pretty nasty video format, and while I'm not above doing my best to make it look better I have no unrealistic expectations that it'll ever look "good". Japanese distributors who offer streaming and downloadable pornography - and more interesting Pinks, while they're at it - are lucky enough to start with archival quality transfers, and as such, there's literally nothing I can do to compete with them in terms of resolution, clarity and contrast. For better or worse, digital outfits like DDM heavily compress the videos for quick download, but even the artifacts from that are typically not as bad as the increased chroma noise found on analog tape formats, to say nothing of the loss in resolution. DDM and pals deinterlace their videos in a really unpleasant way, but the fact is there's no "perfect" deinterlacing solution on titles that have no 3:2 cadence, they just go with the easiest BOB method: it works, it just isn't pretty.

If I could, I think I'd gladly give up recording tapes for re-encoding internet downloads. The compression artifacts on a low-bitrate 640x480 WMV file do suck, but they're hardly any more invasive than the noise on even a decent looking VHS tape. The bigger problem is that most stores like DDM don't take credit cards not issued in Japan, so if you're a Yank like me you're simply SOL on the whole thing. Sokmil has no qualms taking money from us round eyed monkeys, but the majority of their wares are pointless gonzo garbage with hilariously awesome titles - like The Fiendish Fellatio Inferno.

Worth fapping to? Perhaps... but certainly not worth restoring from ex-rental VHS.


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