Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wickedy Wack

What is that, Emmanuelle in the Amazon?!
(Last Japanese "bunkou" budget release. Well, it's sexy...)

If a Wicked City anime, like, ever got made,
that's TOTALLY what it would look like!

(Unused cover. Meh!)

Hey look, the Tsui Hark movie got licensed!
(Current cover...)

Wait a second, that's the original Kikuchi novel? Awesome! So what the FUCK is up with that cover? Is that a goddamn tranny? What's the target audience here, douchebag cosplayers? Who on Earth thought this was a good idea?!

I GUESS this is still slightly worse...

I suppose Americans have little right to complain in the scheme of things, though. Kemushi reminded me of these fa-bu-loso Guin Saga covers from German publisher Blanvalet, a Random House subsidiary that clearly has "10,000 hours" and "MS Paint" listed as a job requirement.

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Unknown said...

Worst. Cover. Ever. Makes Spicy Wolf look downright professional.