Thursday, December 24, 2009


Carol LD Recording

Kentai Films Remaster

When I started working on this I didn't realize that there was already a R2 DVD. It's super rare and wasn't remastered anyway, so odds are this is still the best looking DVD this strange little band movie has ever looked.

No concrete plans to release this transfer into the wild just yet, but if anybody wants a DVD-R, just let me know. I've literally got a stack of anime LD's that deserve the same treatment, and frankly the walls are starting to close in on me, so hopefully I can blow through a dozen (or three!) in the next several weeks.

I've also got a strange little live action feature lined up that's... well, it needs a different VCR. It really, really needs a different VCR and a full-frame TBC (or to be junked and a new tape found). Damn it, I've agreed to record for those in need, so at the very least it'll make a fun A/B blog post.


Unknown said...

Did you subtitle it too? I'd love a copy. Had an LD cap I always meant to do something with, but never got around to it.

Kentai 拳態 said...

I now possess subtitles, but the DVD hasn't been cobbled together just yet.

thisisstudz said...

I wouldn't mind getting a copy of this when it's done. This along with Run Melos are the two items I am most looking forward to.