Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frankly, Scarlet Ninja...

Well, I feel foolish. When I released the first patched DVD of 緋忍伝 -呀宇種- / HININDEN GAUSU, I translated it as "Red Fern Legend". 忍 is, technically, a species of fern... but it has several other less literal meanings as well, and one in particular I can't believe I didn't pick up on.

You see, 忍 in this context is "Nin", a word that means little in and of itself. On it's own, however, it's read as "Shinobi" - a word commonly associated in the west with the image of the 'Ninja'. Even the R2 DVD menu uses fern leaves as buttons, so I'm sure there was some sort of dual-meaning that the canceled series never got to explore. What a shame.

The updated DVD will have the theoretically proper title, "Legend of the Scarlet Ninja". One other Kentai Films release has a similar oddity, but since it was never widely distributed I'll quietly fix it and pretend it never happened. If you guys only knew how many times I've done that...

I'm having trouble finding my old subtitle files, and may have to effectively recreate it from scratch... as you can imagine, I'm not looking forward to that. At least the software available to me now is substantially better than the crap I had a year and a half ago, so the subtitles should be substantially less cluttered and ugly than they were last time.

Both EAT THE SCHOOLGIRL and SCARLET NINJA will be available in their remastered form soon.

EDIT: Having effectively rebuilt the Kentai Films subtitles using the current disc SUP files as a guide, the translation is being overhauled. I can't remember if EroBeat or myself are to blame for a lot of this dicey looking dialog, but rest assured that the "Remastered" edition will be a keeper.


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