Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hininden Dot Crawl

When TComb works, wow, it fucking works.

And when it doesn't...

I know I said I was happy with the Gausu transfer prior. I was too, more or less, but an authoring error made me lose several seconds from the end credits, and that just isn't acceptable to me. So, here I am, crafting a new script for (I pray) the last time for that ancient Scarlett Ninja Legend.

Checkmate may be slightly better at removing dot-crawl on moving objects, but it's also immeasurably more prone to artifacts for it. When TComb doesn't work, it might as well not be there - which is exactly how a comb filter should work. It's still not half as good at this stuff as a stand-alone DVD recorder is these days, but for R2 sourced material it's still better than nothing.

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