Friday, January 15, 2010

Let Me Just Get My Googly-Eye Glasses...

Not to look a free fansubbed DVD in the mouth or anything, but am I the only person out there who seriously can't fucking read these subtitles? (Never mind the fact that my widescreen CRT has overscan.) Kudos for font-matching and all that, but damn... if we at Kentai Films ever do this on DVD, you dear readers have my permission to hold a violent uprising and take back your competently subtitled smut and cult entertainment.

I'm not trying to pick on the guy who made this DVD, mind you. He's a good man, and he's only doing what others before him have done with the same material. The problem isn't this lone hard-working DVD subtitler, it's the entire culture surrounding fansubs. Some title sequences these day have more movement in the subtitles than they do the animation, and this is because - at some point in the last decade - making fancy subtitles became more important than making sensible subtitles. I don't mind the occasional "stylish" font for a spray-painted tag or a message written in blood, but what you see above is for NORMAL DIALOG. All I can say is that's messed up.

I'm not the first person to call for everyone out there who produces stuff like this to re-think their ways, nor do I hope I'll be the last - unless this post is so magical it single-handedly changes the world, in which case nobody else needs to complain about overly-stylish "funtitles". I think I really just want someone out there to try and explain how stuff like this is more appealing than some nice Arial Narrow text with a thin border.

Besides, nothing I said above is even half
as stupid as sideways karaoke subs:

If Japanese people can't even read them, stop.
At this point you're being completely fucktarded.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the very idea of karaoke subs (you're not a drunk salaryman in a bar, you have a rewind button. A scrubber bar even! Chapters! Learn the damn tune), and will gladly remux my own files just to avoid them. The ENORMOUS PURPLE FONT plague seems largely over, thankfully enough.