Thursday, January 07, 2010

Scarlet Menu Buttons

Still got some work to do on these menus, but it won't be long now.

I've found a pretty substantial pile of things that I could include for the DVD, so there will definitely be more special features than there were on the original Pink Pineapple release. Which of course had none at all, save for trailers stuck at the end for Kisaku Spirit and the Hana to Hebi PC game. Possible points of interest for anyone actually waiting for the Gausu Remaster:

* I still can't figure out for certain what the hell "rikudoushuu" is supposed to mean, since I can't find what I think is the appropriate kanji anywhere on the official site. In the original context it might be "集の一人", which would roughly translate to something like 'One of the Six Guardians', sort of like a less sinister sounding Eight Devils of Kimon from Ninja Scroll. Unless somebody here can come up with a better translation for Shura's dialog, that'll be what I use.

At least that's the last of EroBeat's somewhat incomprehensible Japanese jargon. Other than 'Gausu' itself, which was such an obscure kanji mash-up that even the Japanese title was written out in easy to read katakana. The OAV didn't last long enough to confirm what 'Gausu' truly meant, so I'll leave that point just a little vague.

* "Shinobi" and "Kunoichi" will be used in the subtitles. As a friend pointed out to me, studios like Geneon and ADV have released movies with Kunoichi in the title, and the word Shinobi has been with is for years in the form of video games, so I shouldn't bother replacing the actual words with stuff like "Female Ninja".

Ninja will be used for the title, however, and I can explain why. 忍者 is read as "Ninja" using the on kanji reading, while 忍の者 is read as "Shinobi no Mono" using the kun kanji reading. Kun readings are for using stand alone words, while on readings are short-hand and used for combining separate words - like 緋忍伝. So "Ninja" as a short hand for the title is totally appropriate, even though not a single character in Gausu calls themselves one. (Ain't kanji just a bitch?)

* I have the 1:40 Gausu promo movie that disappeared from PinPai's site several years ago. It was made for computer viewing over 4 years ago, so the quality isn't perfect, but it's better than not having a trailer at all.

* I do have reasonably high quality scans of the 100 page RIN-SIN ILLUSTRATIONS book, and odds are it will be included as DVD-ROM content. Unfortunately it's the 2001 printing, not the expanded 2005 edition that came out around the same time as Gausu. That sucks, but even if I bought a copy of the second edition I don't think I'd have the balls to shred it to pieces and scan it.

As for everything else, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the DVD. But like I said, it shouldn't be much longer.

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