Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Burning For CPU

UPDATE: Now I'm terrified. My MoBo is reporting idle temperatures in the low 40s...

...just like Core Temp.

I'll be re-applying that thermal paste now, and possibly drilling several large holes in the case until I can drum up enough last-minute scratch to get a better heat sink.

So, Kentai Films is less "Back" after all. In this case, we should refer to "Behind the Mask"...

Damn it! I hated that movie...

Here's a depressing fact; two after market case fans had an effect of roughly 1 degree Celsius at the cost of making my rig sound like a goddamn jet engine. At that point, I'd rather my PC purr like a kitten than scream like a banshee.

Having since experimented with video encoding using all four cores at once, it looks like my
core temperature is about 58 degrees, but the actual CPU temperature is holding steady around 51 degrees. That's far from ideal, mind you, but as my CPU is theoretically safe until about 62 degrees - and hell, I can't get CCE to use more than 1 core properly anyway - I guess it'll have to do.

What, you expected Lordi's cover?

Expect me to get off my lazy ass and finish some new DVDs once I've got everything back under control.


Unknown said...

I don't get why you included that music video in your post, because I'm stupid. Explain it to me please.

Kentai 拳態 said...

"He's Back". Except instead of being Jason V. Cooper, the harbinger of terror is yours truly.

Not that I can stay away from a keyboard for more than an hour, but I'll actually be finishing some discs now that encoding them isn't akin to pulling teeth from a killer whale. I'm encoding one such project at this very minute, and I'll have an update on that posted in the next couple days.