Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rebuild of Kentai Films 1.01: You Can [NOT] Encode

So, good news and bad news...

Good News!! I've upgraded my computer from the motherboard and up, effectively replacing each and every piece of hardware inside of it. The vidjacard makes gaming and Blu-ray no thang, the 1TB HDD should keep me satisfied for weeks to come, and the power supply alone looks like it's going to crawl into my room and strangle me while I sleep.

Bad News: Only problem is my CPU is running hot. Idling should be low 30s but I'm getting an average of 45. Keep in mind it's the middle of winter, too. Engaging just one core brings it up to a stable 49~50, while playing a Blu-ray hovers around 46~47. I don't mind running hot, but according to AMD, reaching 62 degrees C will cause the CPU to burst into flames, sending the user flying backwards in a John Woo bullet-time experience that may, or may not, sear their face off.

Needless to say, this stock heatsink has got to go. There could be other problems, too - my old build was housed in the same case, and that ran pretty hot, too. I don't know why my NZXT Transformer circa 2004 does to processors what sweat shops do to Chinese children, but I've seriously got to do something to chill this mother out before I try to engage more than two cores.

So, updates will be hit-or-miss until this digital baby's back on her feet. Look forward to it!

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