Monday, March 08, 2010

Culprit Apprehended!

Picture this, except the color of Char's MS-06 Zaku II.

Yep, that's my baby, the magi2... and unfortunately, there's simply no way to keep her from overheating. Back when I was using a single core CPU, the lack of a front-fan wasn't such a big deal. Now, it's choking and threatening to burn my CPU up like your tongue on so much spicy curry.

I'm kind of in a no-win situation. This thing is solid aluminum, and I lack a drill press (or an M-16) to fill the sides with holes. They do make some wily contraptions that sit in the HDD bay and turn the entire front panel into a giganto-fan, but I fear that'll make an already loud rig sound like a goddamn wind tunnel - and would make the closing front panel totally worthless. But a new case would most certainly lower those dangerous peak temperatures, along with a better heat sink and maybe some thermal grease. But I'll try the case, first, once I get paid again. Just building it ate up the majority of my money, so I'm glad to still have several projects waiting for me.

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