Monday, April 19, 2010

Kentai Films: Missing Inaction

You might have noticed that I haven't uploaded or finished much for the blog as of late. Or maybe I'm slower than I think and I haven't yet fallen behind the expected schedule? (Boy, that's a scary thought...) In any case, I have a shockingly good reason for having all but dropped off the face of the Earth: A studio with projects I'm suitable for seems to like me, and is giving me about as much work as I can possibly handle.

While Kentai Films is not disappearing entirely - in fact, I've just approved a lossless encode for an upcoming remastered DVD transfer - it'll be more sluggish than usual while I finish work on a certain upcoming licensed DVD box set that should be right up all our alleys.

In the meantime, have a DELETED SCENE or two from Ivan Lai's DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS/滅門慘案之孳殺, fresh from the Kentai Films VHS Archive.

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