Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kentai Transfers Update


* DVD Encode - Currently Compiling "Final" Master (Test Encode shown above)
* Subtitles - Work In Progress (Darker Image Translation)
* Extras - vintage previews for THE WINGS OF HONNEAMISE + PINK NOISE


* DVD Encode - Finished (Progressive 30fps - Retail DVD Source)
* Subtitles - Finished (New Translation)
* Menus/Extras - Work In Progress


* DVD Transfer - Work In Progress (VHS Source)
* Subtitles - Status Unknown (Screen Edge Translation)
* Extras - vintage Satou Interview + vintage preview for TURTLE VISION

THE GUYVER: OUT OF STANDARD has been a real pain in my ass, due in no small part to the presence of field blending on the telecine. In the end I'm using the impressive AnimeIVTC pack on settings made for 'actual' 3:2 content, since I find the deinterlacing much less destructive, and even at stock Mode 1 settings it's smart enough to figure out that every shot of movement on this damn thing is pure interlaced material. The real reason I'm using it, though, is for the impressive antialiasing filters - I can almost stand the blending, but the jagged edges in the shot above were what really stuck in my craw. I won't lie and say the final DVD will be the best looking LD transfer in my catalog, but I will say that it'll look better than it ever has before, and won't be improved until somebody out there gets their hands on the 35mm negative.

SCARLET NINJA LEGEND: GAUSU is another eternal thorn in my side that I'll soon be able to walk away from forever. The final encode is unusual, being a mixture of 24fps animation with repeat frames and 30fps special effects, so the encode is essentially 30fps interlaced with progressive flags. There should be very little to no interlacing artifacts, and the transfer's signal noise, banding, and dot-crawl have all been cleaned up substantially. I might include the shoddy original Japanese transfer as an extra, just so those of you who are curious how much the image has been cleaned up can decide for yourselves if it was worth the wait.

THE BEDROOM is an unusual film, even for Hisayasu SATOU. It was released on DVD in the UK - and later the US - by the England based company Screen Edge, but both releases are identical, and were cut by the BBFC - I've yet to figure out exactly what was cut, though. This would be almost finished, if it weren't for the fact that my years' old DVD-RW are no longer reading properly in my computer drives. I can't tell if they just hate the cheap Memorex media or if the organic dye in this particular run has just melted into a useless goo, but either way I've already ordered a fresh pack so we can hopefully avoid needing to re-record titles.

I've just secured more materials for a classic anime title we've all been waiting for me to finish, but I won't get too excited until I can hear that "2.0" mix for myself first.

UPDATE:  Guyver's going to be interlaced after all. Sorry folks, I tried...


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