Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Four Colors of Blood

も~え! 白亜 右月 + Kentai Films!!

While the mehtodology was up in the air for a while, it's official: All Kentai Films DVD releases will feature sexy four-color disc art, much like the spicy little sample above. The latest media to pass early burn-and-print tests is a trusted name-brand make with a funky waterproof coating that not only keeps greasy fingerprints and beads of sweat from ruining your disc art, but is even supposed to be waterproof - all for those customers who find that a DVD is as good as anything to piss upon!

Sadly, it appears that the good folks who make this stuff don't see DVD+R DL as worthy of their space-aged waterproofing printable top-coat. To them I say "suck me sideways!", and will have to consider my options... it's either non-protected paper covered media, or that goofy LightScribe hardware. I can do either way on this, I really can, I just wish I could go with the waterproofed printable option for what'll, inevitably, be the "Premium" presentations in the Kentai Catalog.

Also, Hell froze over and this actually happened...

You're already shipped.

Buy it from RightStuf, Amazon.com, Otakon, Discotek (when they add it to their catalog), wherever. If you have ANY burning love for MANime, just make sure you add this puppy to your life. That 5 DVD set is so packed to the cock with manly action it'll make your chest hair grow a fucking beard.

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