Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red to Thrill

HK Video/Metrofilm (PAL 16:9)

Universe Laser/Tai Seng (NTSC 4:3)

Kentai Films (NTSC 16:9)

Not quite exact frames, but I think they'll do for the time being. None of the transfers are totally perfect, but it probably goes without saying that I'm happiest with my own work in the end.

Most of the CAT III Collection titles require some extensive work, but I'm happy to report that RED TO KILL/弱殺 just needs finished menus and it's ready for the big time.

...well, I guess this'll just have to do.

Sadly I can't find an original Hong Kong trailer anywhere, so we're just going to have to deal with the video trailer HKV made. There's no deleted scenes or lobby cards or anything else I can really put on the disc, but at least the transfer and audio presentation will be top-notch, and as one of the finest features from Billy Tang's catalog of atrocities against good taste, I think it'll be a good start for the Kentai Films' CAT III Collection.