Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kentai Films Will Be Right Back!

Don't worry friends, I haven't been party vanned yet!

We're just going on a little vacation, and should be back to releasing cartoon filth and exploitation epics by about the middle of October.

Any orders made after Monday (09/27) will be honored once we return. Honest engine.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Behold, the Poképokélypse.

...y'know what?

I'd still rather watch this than James Wong's DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burning BD-50 at below 1x is like Hell in Slow Motion.

But totally, totally worth it.

Subtitles as muxed with the current build of MultiAVCHD are now confirmed to be PS3 compatible, and thus (theoretically) compatible with virtually any BDMV spec approved Blu-ray player.

Getting the seamless branching to work? Now THAT'S another story!

A new age is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Now, to start ordering BD-R GB50 in bulk...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Red To Kill - Now Available at!

Now let's all thank Jay for this bitchin' promo shot.

For those curious (or just plain offended), here's a French trailer!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So at first, I was all like...

The subtitles on MEMORIES worked on my nautically freelanced demo version of my favorite DVD/BD playing software that seems to adhere strictly to spec. But, it so happened that the BD burner I got my hands on had a full suite of included software, so I managed to upgrade the player software at no extra cost shortly before I burned my first dual-layer BD-R.

71 minutes plus verification later, I popped the ridonculously expensive disc into the hungry maw of my PS3. Disc loaded the forced logos, main video, and pop-up menus just fine. Awesome! So then I hit "Subtitle" on the remote - showed 'English' in the corner. Giggity! Then I waited for the actual dialog to start...

And then I was all like...

Let it not be said that the subtitles "aren't there" completely - Media Player Classic Home Theater, and FFDShow both read them. Unfortunately, the latest build of PowerDVD9 and the PS3 do not - I switch to the English subtitle track and I get nothin'. No semi-transparent or day-glo subtitles. I can only assume that tsMuxeR, for all its' grass roots ingenuity, is a piece of shit that only creates non-standard subtitles. Or at least the meticulously planned method I used to "patch" said subtitles back into the original BD is fucked. I'm not sure which yet, and I'll be investing in a BD-RE check disc to figure that out very shortly.

It's become clear that to get a working BD patch going, multiAVCHD and EasuSUP is going to be involved. I'm okay with that. I just wish I'd known this before I created a $17 BD-50 with no usable goddamn son of a bitch shit sucking anal cunting frottage felching tapir blowing Rachel Ray loving MOTHER FUCKING subtitles first, y'know?

In happier news, RED TO KILL is officially done. Expect it to be on the site later this week.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I just subtitle-patched a goddamn Blu-ray.

Sadly, I haven't yet pirated picked up any software that would allow me to get a screencap with BD subtitles, but I can promise you that OTOMO Katsuhiro's anthology film MEMORIES is, indeed, now infected with glorious English subtitles. This was all made possible by long-time partner in crime Caterpillar, and for it I give my thanks. He's informed me to expect several more Bandai Visual BDs in the near future, so if you can afford a blank BD-50, look forward to that.

I'm shocked that patching subs into a BDMV is somewhat simpler than a VIDEO_TS folder - not faster, not by a long shot, but you can do the whole thing with just a few programs and the results do seem to be BD specworthy. The only real problem is that the subtitle possibilities using TSMuxeR are very limited - it uses SRT scripts, not anything fancy, so if you want to put a subtitle at the top of screen or use multiple colors or whatever, that just isn't going to work. Now, as I understand it you CAN make very flexible BD subtitles using freeware, but that requires pro-grade authoring tools as well, which a few thousand dollars out of my current price range.

The bigger question is what this means for the future of the Kentai Films online catalog - would Blu-ray titles sell, or is the market for bootleged anime and cult films naturally too cheap to support it? Would consumers rather pay $25 for a recompressed single layer disc, or $35 for a complete dual-layer? If there were no menus on some experimental titles, would that be a deal breaker? This is a very exciting, but also very difficult chapter we've entered here... all I can say for sure is I'll be experimenting like crazy, trying to figure out what the best compromise for everyone involved might be.

Sorry for the lack of updates on both the site and the blog. Been pretty sick and had my hands full with all sorts of car trouble.