Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So at first, I was all like...

The subtitles on MEMORIES worked on my nautically freelanced demo version of my favorite DVD/BD playing software that seems to adhere strictly to spec. But, it so happened that the BD burner I got my hands on had a full suite of included software, so I managed to upgrade the player software at no extra cost shortly before I burned my first dual-layer BD-R.

71 minutes plus verification later, I popped the ridonculously expensive disc into the hungry maw of my PS3. Disc loaded the forced logos, main video, and pop-up menus just fine. Awesome! So then I hit "Subtitle" on the remote - showed 'English' in the corner. Giggity! Then I waited for the actual dialog to start...

And then I was all like...

Let it not be said that the subtitles "aren't there" completely - Media Player Classic Home Theater, and FFDShow both read them. Unfortunately, the latest build of PowerDVD9 and the PS3 do not - I switch to the English subtitle track and I get nothin'. No semi-transparent or day-glo subtitles. I can only assume that tsMuxeR, for all its' grass roots ingenuity, is a piece of shit that only creates non-standard subtitles. Or at least the meticulously planned method I used to "patch" said subtitles back into the original BD is fucked. I'm not sure which yet, and I'll be investing in a BD-RE check disc to figure that out very shortly.

It's become clear that to get a working BD patch going, multiAVCHD and EasuSUP is going to be involved. I'm okay with that. I just wish I'd known this before I created a $17 BD-50 with no usable goddamn son of a bitch shit sucking anal cunting frottage felching tapir blowing Rachel Ray loving MOTHER FUCKING subtitles first, y'know?

In happier news, RED TO KILL is officially done. Expect it to be on the site later this week.


Buster D said...

Was just talking with someone else about this, and he seems to be experiencing the same problems as you. I know the handful of discs I've muxed with TSMuxer work fine in a PS3 and standalones, but I just use the default TSMuxer BD folder structure, I've never tried using it to make an mt2s file and then re-insert it into the original BD folder structure. The person I was talking to tried to do so and was only able to get ths subs to work in MPC.

Buster D said...

BTW, if you need cheaper BD-50s I can get JP-made Sony ones for about 2200yen in a 5-pack, gimme a PM or e-mail if you need some. Jonathan would probably be willing to get you some too.

Kentai 拳態 said...

2200 yen per 5-pack? Seriously? Even with EMS that would probably shake down to less than $10 a disc, which is at least $7 less than I'm paying per right now!

Give me some time to do more R&D. If TSMuxer produces valid, spec subtitles it's just got to be a matter of tweaking the CPLS until they're "recognized" as being a valid image stream. I actually found one oddity already - it wasn't covered in any of the tutorials, but once I compared the broken Memories disc to a "real" BDMV folder I found something that might be the ticket...

It might also not be, too. The fact that ImgBurn takes over an hour to make a usable disc image means I won't know for a while.

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