Sunday, January 02, 2011

Ever wondered what OCD looks like?

Been Goldblooming for the last couple hours on this,
so I figured I'd share the slightly-censored results...

So... I guess I lied; Mystery Project X is ALMOST finalized, but some last-minute experiments dramatically improved not only the completely broken red channel's level of pulsing band-noise, but also helped to alleviate that seemingly random temporal Luma aberration related to camera flicker I can only find myself describing as "bulging". What you see is a series of compromises meant to improve the whole of the material, so with any luck the finished files will be largely noise-free, but not totally smoothed over in areas that had previously been a bit on the gummy side. Odds are some of the difference will be smoothed over during DVD encoding anyway, but as we all know by now, garbage in-garbage out, so it doesn't pay one bit to willingly half-ass things at part of the process.

I'm starting to hit that glass ceiling of diminishing returns, where it no longer looks "better", only "different". With that in mind, hopefully this'll be the last time I A/B a dozen problem scenes and come up with a compromise that makes the whole film look decent.


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