Friday, February 25, 2011

All's Quiet on the Aki Front.

Sorry for the lack of updates on the Kentai Films blog and sales site, ladies and gents. I've got about 40 episodes' worth of subtitles that need to be edited, a surprisingly dialog-heavy psychodrama in need of transcribing, some new DVD covers to finish, and I'm scrambling to figure out where I've put about 4 copies of the same goddamn film so I can splice the best parts of them back together to make one awesome presentation. It starts to become a whole lot of stuff to try and sift through one at a time, and when I try to dedicate myself to the lot of them (as I'm want to to) I guess it turns everything into a bit of a slow-burn process.

Reader's Digest Version: Kentai's a little slow... derp.

The DVD image for Aki Uchiyama's Lolita Anime finally appears to work from start to finish without any serious playback glitches, so once we have the art finalized that'll be added to the catalog. We're also getting our hands on a better transfer for the next title after that... I don't want to spoil it, suffice to say it'll be something new and offensive that no other labels out there have been focusing on in the slightest. Look forward to it.

I'm also getting my hands on a number of DVD sources for upcoming Kentai Films releases. They're all hentai, which is the good news, and they're all censored, which... well, I guess it's bad news in the scheme of things, but y'all know how this works. Spain and Germany release about one notable uncensored title for every 15 uncensored US titles, so if it's uncensored, odds are I'm not touching it anyway. I'm currently in the process of making a massive order with a fellow video geek so we can save on the overpriced international shipping; if it's going to be $25 to send that crap anyway we might as well buy everything we'll need for the next two years, right?

I'm cutting a vintage dub together to a better transfer for a title I was going to release myself, but may not have to anymore. It seems to be in sync for the first 15 minutes, and from 45 minutes onward it's perfect, but the second reel is a few seconds off. No clue why that would be, since the two should have been taken from the exact same telecine, but... whatever. I'll figure it out.

Pray For Me, will ya?

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Klonoa said...

When you get around to finishing this, could you upload the sub files or possible to a site like Nyaa?