Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Material Girl

It really sucks when you've got everything to make a release perfect save for one little thing. Sometimes it's a just deleted scene, or a lone trailer, or a decent quality piece of key art. Often you'll have a mountain of stuff waiting to become a nice little DVD, but you need to hold off on it all and make sure you have that one missing piece to make the whole release come together...

So what happens when you get that piece and it DOESN'T FUCKING FIT?

In my latest misadventure, I was given a PAL transfer to convert back to NTSC. Nothing unusual; there's no shortage of films where the PAL masters are superior to the NTSC transfers kicking around, and in this particular instance the PAL print was the only one that didn't feature burned-in subtitles we didn't want. Awesome, right? Well, it could have been, if said PAL transfer wasn't actually an interlaced NTSC > PAL conversion.

Notice above how I said that all of the NTSC transfers were inferior? Even with all of the blending and stuttering relating to the frame-rate conversion, this is still true. The materials for this film just suck that hard, and I'm damned if I do and fucked if I don't, so I'm throwing as many ridiculously complex scripts as I can come up with at the materials I have on hand and hoping that my client feels that one of them sucks dramatically less than the other. None of them are unpleasant, but when I look at the miserable NTSC version everyone watched years ago, I feel this is still the lesser or two evils.

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