Monday, May 09, 2011

Wait... What.

I'm not sure which of these posters I'm more terrified of:

Alexandre Aja's COBRA

(Watch the trailer, that's seriously the title for this franchise!)

That said, I'll be the first asshole in line to actually see either one should they ever hit a Multiplex near me... which, of course, they won't. If a bloody fun masterpiece like Hobo with a Shotgun only gets to premier On-Demand, the odds of either one getting a wide North American release (assuming, of course, they ever actually happen) is pretty much diddly over squat.

And before anyone gets too worried about the potentially fatal B-movie pipe-bombings these posters suggest, let's not forget that Miike already pulled out of Buichi Terawasa's TAKERU and that Ruggero Deodato's proposed CANNIBALS never actually happened. In effect, these posters are professional grade rumor mongering until proven otherwise.


Andrew Jones said...

A rather amusingly cynical entry on your blog, which is excellent by the way. As the producer and screenwriter I can assure you that 'The House on the Edge of the Park Part II' is a little more than rumour mongering. Thanks for the mention :)

Kentai 拳態 said...

Thank you, sir.

I certainly meant no disrespect, I just know that getting films from inception to screen is fraught with all sorts of difficulties, and some of the craziest sounding ideas - like a 30 years later sequel to a film about almost nothing but sexual violence - never get there for a multitude of reasons.

Should HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK PART 2 actually get a theatrical release, you bet your ass I'll be there on opening night. I might even drag poor Mrs. Kentai to see if the long-rumored scene to never be shot for the first film winds up in the sequel.

I've always liked Giovanni Lamberto Radice. House on the Edge of the Park, City of the Living Dead, Stagefright, and Cannibal Ferox all really benefited from his presence in very different ways, and it's really unfortunate that the first major role in a Hollywood horror film he got was in the OMEN remake I can't imagine anyone was actually waiting for.

Deodato's a fun one, too... I'll be very curious if he's still got that magic that made the 1980 film work so well.

Silver Ferox Design said...

So there I am, scrolling down your blog, thinking that this is my new favourite site (I'm a quality nut too when it comes to a/v quality) and I happen to stumble across my poster for THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK PART II. I also see that producer Andrew Jones (who commissioned me - well, a more appropriate description would be 'allowed me to give it a shot after my approaching him out of the blue saying I just wanted IN on this project'), has been here too, which makes me feel even more at home!
All the best Kentai, Jeremy, Silverferox