Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take This Shit To Your Gungrave

1080i Blu-ray (cap courtesy of

480i DVD (cap courtesy of WTK/Anime on DVD forum)

What's really frustrating here is that FUNimation actually re-encoded Samurai Champloo to get rid of the DVNR (grain reduction) and EE (edge sharpening) for the priced-down "Anime Classics" line, showing the world at large that they were dedicated to improving the quality of their standard definition upscaled titles and earning my respect for having acknowledged - in a backwards sort of way - that they were in the wrong for trying to filter out the intended look of a digitally animated series... and now that bag of "Remastered!!" tricks has been opened once again, ironically on yet another Geneon title AND on the "Anime Classics" line to boot!

I'm confused. Did FUNimation upscale this two year ago? Or are they just going to pick and choose which SD upscales not to filter to shit and back? Mnemosyne was - deinterlacing issues aside, anyway - pretty much a perfect upscale, and everything that followed up until this monstrosity has been adequate to very good. I have some reservations about how they handled Ga-Rei Zero, sure, but at least it didn't look anywhere near this... gross.

Seriously, FUNimation... what the fuck is going with you guys? I thought we were finally at that point where your upscales were at least better than Geneon's DVDs from seven - that's right, fucking SEVEN years ago!


Anonymous said...

Christ help me, the fucking DVD looks better

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