Monday, October 03, 2011

Srpski Titlovi

What's this? Productivity!?

I think the way it works is that I've lost some e-Penis length (possibly girth, too?) over the seemingly insignificant fact that I was beaten by a couple hours on the BitTorrent "Scene", as the kiddies say.

Still, having spent the last 48 hours or so fussing over every detail of the finished subtitles, I don't feel bad. Hell, as far as quality goes I'm sure I've got e-Inches to spare...

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Anonymous said...

I also purchased the uncensored blu ray version. I sincerely doubt we will ever see a completely uncensored version in the US. I know their track record has been terrible, but I am going to be picking up the upcoming Shriek Show blu ray of my all time guilty pleasure "Zombie 4" After Death":).